I saw the Myself in an Alternate Universe l PARANORMAL STORYTIME

Hi everyone, today’s paranormal storytime, the same as all my other ones, happened when I was in a meditative state with my eyes open.


Hi everyone, today’s paranormal storytime is about Cern – portal to another world? Enjoy! 🙂

7 Weird Writer Habits

Hi everyone, today’s video is going to be on the seven weird habits that you’ll find most writers have. So to start off with most writers have really wild, vivid imaginations. So for example, something mundane like if you’re walking down the street and you find a penny on the road, a person who’s not a writer will just pick up the penny, perhaps put it in their pocket and walk on or just ignore it.

Overcoming Illness To Create – Natasha Ngan ‘The Elites’ YA Author And Fashion Blogger Interview

Interview with 23 year old debut author Natasha Ngan, debut author of ‘The Elites’ and fashion blogger. Overcoming illness to write.