How to manifest for real : What no-one will tell you

Hi everyone, today I give advice on how to manifest for real : What no-one will tell you. If you implement these changes to achieve your dreams – it’ll work!

How To Deal With a Narcissist

Hi everyone, sadly, we’ve all met them…’s video gives solid tips on how to deal with a narcissistic personality type.

Intuition v Fear – How to tell the difference

Hi everyone, ever wondered what the difference is between your inner voice/intuition and fear? Once you know the difference your manifesting skills will improve and your life will sychronise more. Today I show you exactly what your intuition sounds like…..

10 signs s/he’s just not into you

Hi everyone, today I’m going to give you 10 signs that are definities, that your love interest is just not into you. First, the person always wants to communicate with you via text. This is a way to make sure that there’s no closeness, no bond between you.

How To Make Good Friends

Hi everyone! Today I talk about friends – the good and the bad and how to make good friends ….