Déjà vu and Mandela effect caused by global elite (illuminati)?

Déjà vu and Mandela effect caused by global elite (illuminati)? non human species rule the world? Jesuit order really exists? 2012 was hacked? We live in a holographic simulation? The creator wants entertainment so we exist…….

What happened when I nearly died?

What happened when I nearly died? This is what I saw the day I almost died. Ancient text pinpoints exactly where heaven is? What will you see when you die? Human cloning to live forever? Soul transfers? Who is the real God or source?

Nephilim and giants in America 2017?

Hi everyone, Today’s video is about – Nephilim and giants in America? Fallen angels? Sleeping giants in stasis chambers in 2017? Proof of giants? Giants in Afghanistan? Giants eating humans, Reptilians and more

Real proof of angels?

Hi everyone, I’m Lindiwe. Real proof of angels? Space angels, aliens or angels, what does an angel look like, what are angels, Mother Teresa and angels.

Is the Atlantis story Real or Fake?

Hi everyone. Is the Atlantis story real or fake? In this video I examine the proof and also add my own thoughts on what it was like in terms of technology and spirituality. What do you think, true or false? Enjoy!