I Saw The Inner Earth Civilisations! l PARANORMAL STORYTIME

Hi everyone, I Saw The Inner Earth Civilisations! l PARANORMAL STORYTIME is a creepy tale about what’s in the hollow earth.

Script – this is what I am saying in the video verbatim

Hi everyone, today’s paranormal storytime starts like all my other storytimes, so I decided to relax and just lie on my bed and meditate. And I was staring out of the window with my eyes open and in a trance-like meditative state.

So I wasn’t actually asleep, it’s not possible to sleep with your eyes open. You go into more of a trance-like state, like I was in.

I remember lying there with my arms behind my back like you do when you’re lying outside on the grass and I was feeling really happy and I sort of shifted my gaze towards the ceiling and then I noticed something odd.

There seemed to be a line in the ceiling and half of it was normal ceiling and half of it was like it was a red sort of clay substance. And then it then began to look as though a curtain was being drawn across the ceiling and the whole ceiling became this red rock-like substance.

I suddenly knew that I was in a cave and I was looking up at a crack in the cave ceiling where a shard of sunlight was shining down onto me, making me feel really happy and warm.

And I knew that I lived in this cave, I felt as though there were two Lindi’s sharing the same brain, so I had the memories of the Lindi who lived in the cave, as well as the Lindi who’d been lying on my bed, only a few moment before.

And I suddenly had other memories as well as my own in my head and in these memories I knew that I lived underground in a civilisation with lots of people and that I wasn’t allowed to go above ground, but I knew that above ground there was also a civilisation there and they weren’t aware of us underground.

And I also knew that there were other civilisations living in caves just like we were, it was a city quite a big city, I’d say technology wise it was quite advanced that’s how we managed to have clean air, water and all that sort of thing.

And there were other civilisations who were also underground and some of them were friendly towards us and some of them weren’t.

So I had to be really careful if I decided to leave where my civilisation were based.

I was really fascinated with this other Lindi’s memories and I was trying to access as much as I possibly could to find out how she lived, how she got here, and the only thing I could get was that there’d been some kind of war on a different planet where she’d started, where she’d lived basically before she lived underground here. And because of that war they’d come to Earth and then had had to hide underground and that was all really I could access.

But it was all really fascinating, it was, I could see memories of starships fighting each other and of me being herded underground with loads of other children when I was very, very young.

Suddenly a sound, like a horn blowing startled me and I sat up really quickly and when I looked down I saw that I was wearing a robe and when I touched my head I felt like I had a garland of flowers around my head, roses actually because I felt the thorns around my head. And then all of a sudden people started entering the cave that I was in.

It was quite a big cave and I knew instinctively that this was some kind of community meeting and I’d decided to get here first which is why I’d been lying on the rock looking at the sun above.

And then other people started coming in and they were all laughing and cheerful and they were dressed in similar robes to what I had, but they were different colours, and the people were just people from, like people from Earth just loads of different nationalities, different races and they all seemed really, really, happy.

And they too were wearing beautiful garlands of roses on their heads, just like I was. So we all gathered in a circle and there was a guy sitting in the middle and there were other people sitting beside him and I knew that these were the leaders of our civilisation.

And there were a few hundred people in the cave with us and I knew there were others as well who couldn’t join us and they were above ground on a mission.

And the guy clicked his fingers and then something like a screen, a TV screen appeared in mid-air and he said ‘there are people who have found the entrance to our cave,’ and we could see a group of men wearing military uniform and they were just outside the cave where our ventilation system was.

And they were nosing around and looking surprised and looking at the markings on the wall, and he was saying that this was a really dangerous situation because we don’t want them to go back to the people above ground and tell them where we are.

They were debating as to whether the men should be killed or taken underground to live with us in order to spare their lives. And I remember the Lindi who was me, the part that was me was absolutely fascinated, because I didn’t know what the hell was going on and I sort of sneaked glances at the people around me who were dressed in lovely robes, had garlands in their hair.

It smelt of flowers and fresh earth and everyone looked really healthy and well-fed and just really happy. But of course they were all concerned as to what was going on with these men snooping around just outside where our ventilation system was, because obviously we needed to breathe.

But they decided that a group of people would go out and investigate and try and speak to these military guys and see whether we could either persuade the to just go quietly or take them captive basically to come and live with us.

And of course they chose people who were abit older, so I wasn’t chosen. And the rest of us were told that we should go back to our caves and then just wait until abit later on to be told what we needed to do.

But of course being me, I’m quite a curious person there was no way I was going to be hiding in a cave while these people went out. And the Lindi who was inside me as well who was used to this she wanted to see these people from above ground.

So everyone started leaving the square and going about their business to go back to their cave sand I decide that I would actually follow this small group who were going to go outside and investigate.

So I was hiding behind pillars, there were big pillars in the cave and basically following them and they couldn’t actually see me. They were so busy talking amongst themselves and saying basically that they didn’t want to kill these men.

And they were walking through tunnels which were leading to the outside of our cave and where the ventilation system was. Then I was sort of right behind them and I could see that the room with the ventilation system had markings on the walls and these were markings that were related to our civilisation and we got there.

And there were loads of machines, crystal machines pumping some kind of fluid. And then suddenly they stopped talking because we could hear voices and I knew that these voices were those military men and they were coming back into the ventilation room.

There voices got louder and louder and then all of a sudden they just appeared and they were in front of the group of people from my civilisation and I was slightly behind.

And they were staring at each other, so we were staring at them and they were staring at us. And I decided, right this is my opportunity.

And I basically just ran forwards and said, ‘hi, how are you? We’re pleased to meet you,’ ‘cos I basically was not having the door closing and me in the cave while these people were meeting people from above ground, who I’d heard about, but hadn’t actually seen with my own eyes.

So there was a stunned silence and everyone turned to look at me. And I rushed past my group of people and was standing just in front of these military guys and then to my horror one of them grabbed his rifle and lifted it up and pointed it at me.

And some of the others standing behind him, I think there were about seven of them, gasped and they all just looked at me with fear in their eyes. And the guy started shouting, ‘demon step back, step back, get away from me, demon step away from me!’ And you could see his hands shaking while he was holding the rifle.

And I sort of stopped in my tracks and was really, really shocked because this wasn’t at all the reaction that I was expecting. And I just didn’t know what to do, I sort of turned quickly behind me to look at my people and they equally looked horrified as to what as to what I’d done obviously and looked stunned as if they didn’t know what to do.

And these military guys were, one of them dropped to his knees and basically started praying and the other ones were taking steps back, but still trying to either grab their rifles or they were too shocked to even think as to where they were. And the I heard a click and I knew that the one who was pointing his rifle at me was planning to shoot me.

And then in that second I heard someone clap their hands behind me and all these men, all these military men just suddenly dropped down as if they were asleep. And then I felt a hand grabbing me from behind and pulling me gently backwards, back to the cave.

And I knew it was one, obviously one of my people. And I was so shocked the Lindi inside me who was the real Lindi also was puzzled at to what the hell was going on and I kept saying, ‘why were they so scared of me? Why were they shouting? Why did he try and shoot me?’

But nobody would answer because obviously they were more concerned about what to do with all these guys lying outside on the floor. I knew they weren’t dead, but they were discussing amongst themselves as to what they were going to do with these bodies basically.

And then as we walked back in to the cave, I saw my reflection on the metal door because it was beginning to close and I realised that the flowers which I thought were a garland of roses on my head weren’t a garland of roses, it was basically horns, black horns all around my head and my skin was like a red colour and my eyes were huge and orange with a slit where the pupil was supposed to be.

And the Lindi who was me was horrified and I gasped and as I opened my mouth a tongue came out, like a snake-like tongue, a black tongue and I literally began to feel really, really faint because I was so shocked.

And I turned to the person next to me who had an arm, a comforting arm around me and they too had horns around their head. It wasn’t flowers at all and their skin was like mine, scaly and red. And I began to feel really faint and the scene began to sort of dissolve in front of my eyes. And again I saw that curtain coming across the whole scene.

And when I focused I realised that I was looking out of the window again and lying on my bed with my arms behind my back and my eyes open.

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