Hi everyone, I’m Lindiwe and New Earth Aliens l PARANORMAL STORYTIME is about new planets being created by type III humanoids. According to Scientist Michio Kaku we’re type 0 at the moment, humans may be Type I status in 100–200 years, Type II status in a few thousand years, and Type III status in 100,000 to a million years.

Script – this is what I am saying in the video verbatim

Hi everyone, today’s paranormal storytime like all my other storytimes starts when I was in a meditative state with my eyes open. I don’t have a name for this process it’s just something that sometimes happens when I’m meditating and if I leave my eyes open.

Now this happened quite a few years back when I was alot younger, and the reason I remember it is because it was one of the first instances that this happened to me.

Now I remember that this happened when I was really unwell and I was in hospital. I’m not going to go into detail as to what was wrong with me but it was quite a serious illness. Now I remember lying there in alot of pain and there were nurses and a doctor or a couple of doctors running around my hospital bed.

And in order to elleviate some of the pain I decided to just go into myself and meditate ‘cos that’s what I’d been taught to do and so I didn’t want to close my eyes on that occasion because I wanted to see what was going on because obviously I was quite anxious as to what they were doing.

And I remember watching them frantically with my eyes open while they were fiddling around with machines all around me.

And then suddenly I felt calm and I then saw the scene begin to fade, as in I saw almost like a curtain being drawn and someone changing the scene in front of me.

And then I found myself walking, I looked down at my feet and my feet were moving and I was walking on some kind of carpet and standing next to me was somebody else and they were walking and they were mid conversation talking to me.

So I looked up at that person because I was much younger then so shorter than I am now, and I saw that it was a human person who looked familiar to me but I couldn’t put a name to the person and they had a very serene look on their face.

There was like a secret smile on their face and it was full of joy, but quite calm at the same time. And they were talking to me and their hair was shoulder length and they were wearing like a robe, a very creamy coloured robe.

As we walked down this corridor there were doors that had mirrors on them so I could see what I looked like and I could see that it was definitely me and me at at that time, so at the time I was younger, but it was me then.

We then came to the end of this corridor and as it turned there was a window that was looking out and to my surprise I saw stars, I saw planets and I knew immediately that we were on a spaceship. But the spaceship wasn’t moving, it was still, just hanging there in the darkness.

I can’t really say what the person had been telling me because I hadn’t really been listening, all I heard was snippets of what they were saying and because I was so confused as to where I was I hadn’t been listening clearly.

And I knew that even though I was myself I was actually another me because this other me was familiar with these surrounding and knew what she was doing on that ship.

It was abit like you know when you’re daydreaming and someone’s talking to you and you can hear bits of what they’re saying, but it’s like a disjointed conversation because you’re not really listening, you’re just tuning in sometimes and then tuning out sometimes.

So it was that sort of conversation, I was just saying ‘hmm’ but not really listening to them because I could feel that something had changed within me.

But when we passed this huge window and I saw a planet or a couple of planets outside I gasped and said ‘oh my God look! there’s a planet outside!’ and the person looked down at me and laughed gently and said ‘yes, I’m now going to take you to go and see your friends’.

And I literally couldn’t could barely tear my eyes away for that window, but I still followed this person to a door which slid open when we came to it and we stepped inside. Now inside there was a dimly lit room which had a huge window on one side, and there were cushions, nice colourful cushions on the floor and there were people just relaxing, people my age.

Some of them were on some kind of gadgets looking at it, I can only assume it’s like I don’t know some kind of tablet. And some of the were just talking to each other and as soon as the door opened and they saw me some of them gasped and said ‘oh Lindi’ and came running towards me.

It was almost as though they thought that I’d been away, but at the same time the Lindi who was in that reality I didn’t feel like she felt like she’d been away.

She felt like she’d been there all the time. So in a way it was quite confusing for me, but I was really pleased to see them because somehow even this Lindi that I am now in this reality recognised them and was really pleased to see them. And there was a tranquil air inside that room, the same as there had been in the corridor.

It was very peaceful and there was like a humming sound, but it was a very soft, gentle tone that immediately when you heard it or when I heard it I just felt relaxed. Now the big window ahead didn’t actually look out to any planets, it just looked out to darkness and I could see a few twinkles maybe stars or something outside.

But they were very far away, it was like looking out on a starry night. Now I can’t even describe to you how happy I felt, I felt as though a big swell of happiness had just taken over my body as if I’d literally just got home, my real home.

And I remember hugging some of the other young people ans saying, you know, I was really pleased to see them and it was all just really really comforting and I just felt so happy. And the person who I’d come in with who was a grown up was watching this with a smile on it’s face.

And the reason I say ‘it’s face’ is because I couldn’t tell whether this being was male or female, and the same with all the young people that were coming up to me, hugging me and saying ‘welcome’ I couldn’t really say ‘oh this was a girl or this was a boy’ they just were beings.

They looked humanoid, so they looked like me, most of them, the only difference was some of them were different colours to what you have on Earth. Like some had blue skin, some had slightly green tinge to their skin, but the blue was quite pronounced it was definitely blue skin, but the green was more of a tinge of green, not properly green.

But apart from that they all looked basically human. And I don’t remember how long I stayed there with my friends, I just remember relaxing, I was sat down at some point, had conversations with them and the conversations were the type that you have when you’re a child, so they weren’t things that were pressing, it wasn’t like anyone was giving me messages for humanity or anything like that we were just talking.

And then finally the older being said to me, ‘come on now it’s time time to go. follow me,’ and I felt really disappointed, but anyway I decided to be obedient and follow this person, and I bid my friends goodbye and we walked out of that room and were back on the corridor, waling along the corridor.

The being then said to me, ‘I’m going to take you somewhere, I want you to see something,’ and we then walked through another door and these doors just opened automatically and in this room there was a huge window, like most of the wall was window.

And it was from ceiling to floor and outside I could see planets, I could see stars, it was it was absolutely beautiful. I can’t even describe some of the colours because they’re colours that you don’t see here.

And the colours were so vivid that it makes this reality look like a photocopy, literally, it looks like, the colours I’m seeing now it looks as though someone just photocopied them from something that was real and the colours are now subdued.

These colours were magnificent and I remember pointing and I was excited and I was saying, ‘look! look at that!’ and the person was chuckling to him or herself and just saying, ‘yes, yes, isn’t it beautiful,’ and I remember a snippet of that conversation because as I was pointing, the being said to me, ‘we’re creating planets and a solar system, this is how it’s done.’

And as I watched there were times where you could see half a planet and then suddenly it was almost as though someone was on a on a computer game and they were building it and then you’d see it develop into a whole ball, a whole planet and then it would pop and then there were beautiful colours coming from it, like coming out towards the spaceship, but not obviously touching the spaceship and it was absolutely beautiful.

And there were colours that were so beautiful that they actually gave you joy just to look at them.

Some of these planets were blue, like Earth, but obviously I’m assuming they weren’t Earth, but some of them were bluey coloured and were quite similar to Earth, but I just assumed they were not Earth because they were just being created and the blue was so vivid, it just wasn’t like what we see when they say these are space images from NASA of the Earth.

They were just beautiful.

And I remember watching this, just smiling and jumping up and down and laughing and pointing whenever a new star was created or whenever another colour that I didn’t recognise was there, and then finally I turned around and looked up at this entity and said, ‘Oh can I stay here, can I stay here forever?’

And then he looked down at me or she looked down at me, I don’t know whether it was male or female as I said before, and said, ‘no, it’s not your time to leave yet, you can’t come here’.

And you’d think that I would’ve been really sad at those words or disappointed, but I wasn’t somehow I knew that those words had significant meaning, even in my young mind I knew that they had significant meaning and I had to basically do what this being was saying.

I’m not going to say that they gave me a message or told me these things that I needed to tell humanity, that was it basically those were the words, and I just accepted them.

And the next thing I knew the scene began to fade, again almost like someone had drawn a curtain across that window to make it so that I couldn’t see those planets any more and then I just felt myself sort of drifting, but only for a split second.

And then I heard commotion and when I focused I realised that I was back in the hospital on my bed and all the doctors and nurses were running around and they all had like a panicked look on their face and they were talking amongst each other, talking over me head and then one of them looked down and saw that I was now focusing on her, it was a nurse.

And then I saw a smile just spread across her face, such joy, such happiness and then she just said, ‘oh Lindi,’ and started stroking my cheek, and said, ‘can you feel that, can you feel me stroking your cheek? How are you?’

And I managed to nod to indicate that I could feel what she was doing, and then all the others you could almost feel a sigh of relief in the whole room and they all turned to look at me and they looked happy, as if I had gone somewhere and had just come back.

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