Nicky Sutton interview

Bio in Nicky's words Nicky Sutton BA(Hons), DPLT, Adv.DPLT, MPLTA, is a writer, video maker, past life therapist and spiritual guide. My marketing degree awakened me to the capitalist, mass media, social and psychological drivers that maintain … [Continue reading]

Teal Swan On The Art Of Writing, Painting, Her Vegan Diet And Successful Youtube Channel

Bio Teal Swan (nee Scott) – the ‘Spiritual Catalyst’ was born in Santa Fe New Mexico in 1984. When she was a child, her parents, who were both Wilderness Rangers, accepted a job at the Wasatch-Cache National Forest of Utah, unaware that it was an … [Continue reading]

Whole Foods And Fertility – Natasha St Michael Interview

Bio in Natasha’s words Natasha St. Michael is all about health, happiness & radiance! We only live once and why not create the best lives possible? After hosting Raw Radiant Health video blog & website for over two years with over 30 000 … [Continue reading]

4 Tips To Change Your Luck Forever!

Transcript: Script - this is what I am saying verbatim Hello everyone today I’d like to talk about luck, being lucky and what is luck? Luck is a state of mind, people who are lucky are lucky because they think they are lucky, it’s as … [Continue reading]

Gigi Young interview

Gigi's bio in her own words My name is Gigi Young and I am an intuitive. I work from a claircognitive, empathic, and occasionally a clairvoyant level to inspire others, and hopefully help them to make sense of their lives. I spent most of my … [Continue reading]