Ryan Cropper interview: Astral Projection, the Mandela effect, parallel worlds and the Rapture

Ryan Cropper bio in his own words:

I am Ryan JC- short for Ryan James Cropper, and I died…

Ever since I’ve had a healthy obsession with my own consciousness. This relationship with my ‘Higher Self’ has lead me to having what some would call mystical or spiritual experiences, such as Astral Projection, or what is commonly known as Out of Body Experiences.

After mastering this special skill of Astral Projection I have now chosen to teach it to the world along! And everything else that I achieve through altered states of consciousness.

Topics covered include:

The Mandela effect

How to astral travel

Spiritual awakening

How alcohol encourage evil spirits to attach to you

Parallel worlds

The flat earth theory

What Ryan saw in his other timelines and how the other Ryans look like

Christianity and the rapture

Other worlds

Remote viewing

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