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Gigi’s bio in her own words

My name is Gigi Young and I am an intuitive. I work from a claircognitive, empathic, and occasionally a clairvoyant level to inspire others, and hopefully help them to make sense of their lives.

I spent most of my young adulthood in the fashion world traveling and by default living quite the interesting life, Oy Vey! I had the opportunity to experience many different cultures, religions and people. It seemed like each location had a certain vibration, energy and set of lessons/ Karma.


It was as though for a little while I could merge with the people and absorb their spirit. This helped open my mind and it allowed me to take on a more altruistic approach to life. Instead of partying I would be studying metaphysical subjects and getting up early to take the train to some spiritual site.

I have now retired and saved enough money to buy a home and start a business. I called it ‘Cosmic Gypsies. It is based in working one on one with individuals to help them remember who they are, as well as provide classes to empower and inspire them. I am also passionate about giving talented teachers and practitioners a platform to express themselves.

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Interview Questions

1. Hi Gigi, I watched an interview you did where you said that you grew up as an atheist. What made you move to spirituality?

2. How did family and friends react to you embracing spirituality?

3. Can you tell us how you developed your spiritual knowledge?

4. Do you believe in God? And what’s your understanding of God?

5. How has becoming spiritual affected your life compared to when you were atheist?

6. I’d like to talk about the energies around us at the moment. There are a lot of world events and dramatic changes going on at the moment, and with that change has come fear, especially in terms of conspiracy theories, what’s your opinion on the direction that we’re going?

7. What are your thoughts on people believing in light and love and not acknowledging dark forces or evil? Do you think it is possible or wise to totally avoid the dark?

8. Alot of spiritual/new age people talk about channelling, particularly with regard to aliens and guides do you think it’s real, do you do it yourself and is there anything people should be aware of when exploring this?

9. Many spiritual teachers talk about the shift and people moving to 5D what if someone doesn’t believe in all that, for example is an atheist, in your opinion what is likely to happen in their reality if anything?

10. I’d like to now talk about your services, you offer intuitive coaching can you give us an idea of what this entails?

11. Are there any exercises that you do to develop your intuitive skills?

12. When you do a reading remotely like on Skype, is it more difficult than when it is face-to-face? How does it differ or is it the same?

13. What are the challenges you face in providing the sort of service that you do? And how do you deal with them?

14. How did you deal with the obvious challenge of keeping yourself motivated to carry on, especially at the beginning when you did not have that many followers?

15. You have Youtube channel, social media channels, do you think that in order to keep providing the services that you do it’s necessary to keep active on these channels and constantly engage with your audience? If yes, why? If not, why not?

16. Do you depend on a marketing strategy?

17. Have you got any projects coming up that you would like to tell us about?

18. Can you tell people the URL to your website so that they can contact you?


It was great to chat with Gigi today! We talked about everything from what an intuitive reading is, athiesm, ETs, Pleiadians, guides, and clairvoyance.

It was particularly interesting to hear that Gigi waited three years before she started offering her services. This seems to be about average.

Most Youtubers and bloggers I’ve interviewed – which are quite a few! – build a following in about three years, a few before and a few after.

This means that for a long time at least a year and a half they were just ticking along, not really sure how it would pan out. Gigi says that she got over the disappointment of low figures, few/no clicks to her blog etc by loving her work. She had a passion that kept her going, a need to provide her services.

So if you are planning to start your own channel, post your own videos, remember it’s not for the faint hearted. But if you have the skill and originality and a healthy dose of passion, there is no reason why like Gigi you can’t be an inspiration for creation!

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  1. Hello,

    I have only recently begun to come into awareness of all of this. I think it is amazing and look forward to exploring everything in greater detail and to greater depth. My comment is based upon your discussion with Gigi Young where the two of you were discussing pay. I would really like to someday have a reading, a past life regression and an in between lives regression, but I simply can’t afford the fees at this time. I am an educator. I have spent my career working in rural, high poverty school districts. I have spent over 20 years doing this work. I have a BA, MA a K-12 multiple subject teaching certificate and an administrator’s certificate. I have well over $100,000 invested in my education to date. I make about $25 an hour serving children in need. At this time I both can’t afford the $100-300 dollars an hour that these services typically cost, and to be honest, I struggle with this discrepancy. I wanted to provide you this feedback as you move forward with your work.

    Thank you for the interview with Gigi and putting your time into making this information available on the internet. I do appreciate this.


    • Hi Bob, thank you for your interesting feedback. I’m sure it will be useful to many. I’m guessing that there must be a few that provide half price or a free service to those who cannot afford the fees. It might be worth looking into……….

  2. Genevieve says

    Where are Gigi’s responses to the questions?

    • I don’t write scripts for very long interviews. I will consider do so in future though. You’ll have to watch the video for Gigi’s answers! I hope you enjoy 🙂

  3. Did u have to pay to interview her

    • No, on youtube we all do interviews for free and collaborations. If someone asked me I would do it for free too. No-one pays, we’re not celebrities 🙂

  4. Malcolm Stewart says

    Glad to meet you, online.
    I’ve written on sacred and dimensional geometry. “Patterns of Eternity” and “Symbols of Eternity” also “The Dictionary of Amazement”.

  5. Thanks for finally writing about >Gigi Young interview – Inspiration for Creation <Liked it!

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