Ryan Cropper interview: Astral Projection, the Mandela effect, parallel worlds and the Rapture

Hi everyone, sorry! I had to re-upload this. It’s the interview with Ryan Cropper on astral projection, the Mandela effect, the rapture and much more. Enjoy!

Spiritual Conversation With Nicky Sutton

Hello everyone, I had a fun, spiritual conversation with Nicky Sutton. We covered alot including spiritual awakening, organised religion, past life regression, Youtubing and much more.

Christina Martine on Pleiadians, Annunaki, UFOs, crystals and writing fiction

Christina Martine interview with Lindiwe Maqhubela on Pleiadians, Annunaki, UFOs, crystals and writing fiction.

Teal Swan On The Art Of Writing, Painting, Her Vegan Diet And Successful Youtube Channel

Interview with Teal Scott – the spiritual catalyst on writing and self publishing a book, vegan living and having a managing a successful Youtube channel

Gigi Young – From Athiest To Spirituality And Intuitive Readings

Gigi Young discusses her intuitive reading services. Athiesm, ETs, Pleiadians, guides, clairvoyance and much more.