Time Travel and the Bermuda Triangle explained?

Hi everyone, time travel and the Bermuda Triangle explained How does God or the source see everything? If there is no time can we have a time warp? Where are the ships and planes disappearing to?

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Hi everyone, this is Lindi from inspirationforcreation.com. The Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devil’s Triangle is a section of the Atlantic ocean six hundred and fifty miles off the east coast of the United States of America.

It’s paranormal links go way back in history and it’s a source of many legends and fear for people who cross the seas. Some say that there’s a time warp in the Bermuda Triangle, that planes and ships disappear from our timeline and end up in another one.

While others believe that there are strange underwater creatures, monsters that such ships into the depths of the Bermuda Triangle. The term time warp refers to a hypothetical phenomenon that allows movement across the fabric of time.

The idea comes from Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity which showed that time speeds up or sows down depending on how fast something is moving.

Time Warp Theory takes Einstein’s idea further and suggests that if space time is flexible it must be possible to move between different time periods. Strangely, people have come forward and said that they’ve got trapped in the Bermuda Triangle time warp, one of these men is a guy called Bruce Gernon.

He said that when he flew over the Bermuda Triangle it suddenly became pitch black and his plane was surrounded by what he calls ‘electronic fog’ which also doubled up as a conduit to the future.

For about five miles he says he saw nothing but this blackness and strange flashes of white light, until finally he claims to have escaped through a tunnel vortex which resulted in a time warp of a hundred miles forward in space and thirty minutes forward in time.

Scientist John Hitchinson showed that the existence of electronic fog is a possibility. He created a cloud of overlapping electromagnetic fields in his lab. Shockingly it showed the extent to which electromagnetic force can mutate and destroy matter.

So this could hypothetically explain some of the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. However he did not look at the time travel element.

I think if we were to hypothesize that there is no past and no future and only the now, perhaps it is that these planes and ships that are disappearing are actually not going to another time line instead they’re tuning in to a different frequency which is why we can’t see them, but they are actually still there.

The same could be said about UFOs and also life on other planets in our solar system. For example perhaps we can’t see life on Mars and Pluto because it’s tuned in to a different frequency to the one that we’re in, and also coincidently lots of people have claimed that they’ve seen UFOs coming out of the Bermuda Triangle.

It’s also possible that ancient technology from Atlantis may have sunk in the Bermuda Triangle region and this technology is what’s causing all the ships and the planes to go missing. This technology could be still functioning.

If you want to find out more about the Atlantean civilisation and how it was eventually destroyed, watch my video called is the Atlantis story true or fake? The case of flight 19 is also cited as another strange disappearance over the Bermuda Triangle.

Fourteen navy airmen were on a training session on the 5 of December in 1945, when their lieutenant Charles Taylor radioed the control tower and said that all three of their compasses were malfunctioning.

He said ‘we don’t know which way is West, everything is wrong, even the ocean doesn’t look as it should’ and that was the last they heard from him and his crewmen. And even more bizarrely when a rescue mission was sent to find them, twenty-seven minutes into the rescue mission’s journey, they too disappeared and haven’t been found.

According to mainstream science, time warps are still hypothetical, but this doesn’t stop people debating them and also being interested in the mystery of them. Professor Stephen Hawkin, Research Director at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology says that to date there is no evidence that they actually exist.

This is based on the hypothesis that a single photon cannot actually travel faster than light within a vacuum, as supported by a 2011 study at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. This also supports Einstein’s theory that nothing can actually travel faster than the speed of light.

So the conclusion of mainstream science is that until we have a breakthrough in science time travel is impossible which therefore means that they cannot prove whether or not there is a time warp in the Bermuda Triangle. However, this doesn’t stop people believing in time warps, time travel and the Bermuda Triangle mystery.

I remember a story I read which claimed to be a true account of a time warp situation. A man was walking in Hyde Park in London in the twentieth century when he said that suddenly everything around him changed and he saw people in Victorian clothes getting on with their business around him, rather than the people in modern times.

He said that this only lasted for a few moments before he then switched back to the twentieth century ans everything in Hyde Park went back to normal. If there is no such thing as time, this means that everything that ever was is happening now, which would explain how this man saw these people from the Victorian era right now in his time.

Food for thought is perhaps this is how God or the source sees everything, because everything and all possibilities have already been created and are happening right now.

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