Real proof of angels?

Hi everyone, I’m Lindiwe. Real proof of angels? Space angels, aliens or angels, what does an angel look like, what are angels, Mother Teresa and angels.

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Hi everyone, this is Lindi from and today I’m going to be talking about angels. Now whether or not you believe in angels seems to depend on faith.

Most of the world’s religious scripts feature angels. That includes the bible, the Torah and the Toran.

They all see them as messengers form God or the source. They are pure good and also offer protection. Most agree that angels don’t have physical bodies, some say they have astral bodies.

And a recent poll showed that three quarters of Americans believe in angels.

It has to be mentioned that angels are not the same as spirit guides. The difference being that angels have never incarnated on Earth or anywhere, while spirit guides have.

A question is do we have proof that angels actually exist?

In March 2015, in Utah, a woman called Jennifer Groesbeck veered off the road, her car flipped over and fell into the Spanish fork river. The car fell upside down, knocking out the windscreen and also crushing the roof.

It too fourteen hours for an angler to actually see the wreck because the car was out of sight. First on the scene were four local policemen, one of them was wearing a body camera so we actually have video footage of the incident.

They rushed into the water and about two minutes in the body camera had a microphone and it picked up a voice. A voice pleading for them to hurry up and come and help.

One of the rescuers even replied and said, ‘we’re coming! We’re helping!’ because he could hear the urgency in the voice. Hearing that voice made the rescuers work with a renewed energy, they turned the car over and looked inside.

When they looked inside they saw the body of Jennifer, unfortunately she’d died and she’d died quite a long time ago.

She was in the drivers seat, but behind they could see a child seat, and in the child seat there was a baby, baby Lily who was only eighteen months old. Lily was still strapped to the car seat which had kept he head out of the water ad her clothes dry.

She’d been there for all those hours, her head just suspended above the churning waters. She was unconscious and suffered from hyperthermia, so they rushed her to hospital and miraculously she survived.

Her story ad the video footage was shared around the world, and it’s only then that the policeman noticed that something odd had happened.

Who was that voice that they’d heard? Because Jennifer had long been dead by the time they turned up.

Who was that voice that had pleaded and had spoken with such urgency that it had given them a renewed energy and motivation to keep trying to rescue whoever was in the car. The audio from the video was just a muffled sound when they played it back.

But all the rescuers swore that they heard a voice pleading and they clearly heard words being spoken. It’s been said that the case defies any logical and easy explanation.

But one of the policemen who was an atheist at the time said that he knows who’s voice it was, he says it was a heavenly guardian angel that had comforted the child and called out for help. Many humans have reported being comforted by a invisible companion, especially in times of strife.

This invisible companion is often described as an angel and it always gives a sense of peace and calm. So many people have experienced this that there is even a name for it now, the ‘third man phenomenon’.

It’s coined after Ernst Shackleton’s experience with is crewmen during their legendary antarctic expedition. When his boat called ‘the Endurance’ got trapped in ice. He and his crewmen managed to stay alive by trekking a harrowing twenty three miles over ice covered mountain ranges until they reached a whaling station.

He said that an otherworldly presence accompanied them and encouraged them to keep going, especially in the final leg of their journey. He later referred to this as his divine companion, and his crewmen astonishingly also said that they’ felt that presence and it had accompanied them for most of the way.

Medical professionals have tried to rationalise and explain this ‘third man phenomenon’. They’ve said that it’s a sensory illusion caused by extreme physical exertion or monotony.

They also site low blood glucose or cerebral endema as a reason for this happening and others have called it he ‘angel switch’. Another worldly mechanism that kicks in when we reach the limits of our endurance.

If angels do communicate with you, it’s usually by showing you signs and giving you a feeling of safety and comfort.

For example, you could be tasked with doing something that you’re not sure that you can do, something that you’re dubious that you’ve got the abilities to do and then suddenly when you’re doing it, you suddenly have a sense of peace and calm and you just know that everything’s going to be okay.

Highly evolved beings or you can also call them type III humanoids have often being mistaken for angels. I think this is especially in the past when people were not aware of the extra-terrestrial phenomenon.

They would encounter a type III humanoid or highly evolved being and immediately assume that this was a heavenly angel. They would call the advanced technology and abilities that highly evolved beings have miracles.

And also the vehicles that these highly evolved beings travelled in would often be cited as chariots of fire that soared across the sky. This is especially the case because alot of highly evolved beings or type III humanoids have bodies which look as though they are made of light.

Alot of them also tend to wear the long robes that we associate with angels so people just immediately assume that this must be an angel, but it is that in their realities they don’t need high fashion, they don’t need to be dressed in designer labels. Also angels don’t necessarily have two wings.

This is also a misconception. The wings were a metaphor for messengers, that is they fly around giving messages. The same as in the olden days people used to use birds to fly around and give messages.

There are angels called seraphim who have six wings and apparently cherubs have four wings. An example of people saying that they saw angels with wings is that of the Russian cosmonauts who in 1984 on July 12 say when they were in their space station, a bright orange light suddenly engulfed them.

There were three astronauts present at the time and they say they rushed to the windows where they saw a ghostly shining face looking in at them. A few days later the cosmonauts were joined by three more. And it’s said that the six of them once again experienced seeing these so-called angels.

The case was classified by the government of the time in the Soviet Union, but then years later a whistleblower told everyone what had happened. Now generally, angels will show up in whichever form best suits your perception. And they usually have no gender.

Their aim is to connect you to your higher good, to God or the Source and to make you know that you are never alone. You are all greatly loved and cherished. Fallen angels are those who have chosen to separate themselves from God or the Source.

They are an expression of mankind’s fear and fear of being alienated from God or the Source. They are not benevolent so they are not guardian angels. A case of a person seeing an angel in real life, a reliable person is that of Mother Teresa.

She said that she prayed fervently asking to be shown an angel in real life and it’s said that this happened for her. So we can say that whether or not angels exist depends on your beliefs. One thing is for sure, the belief in angels gives millions of people around the world the strength and courage to do feats that they never thought they could do.

It also gives comfort to those who are unhappy or walking a lonely road in this life. I also think it’s rather telling that most people even the ones who claim to be atheists, once they reach the end of their endurance, once they’re in a situation where they feel so hopeless, they call out to the Source or God or for angelic intervention.

Perhaps it is that deep in our subconscious we know whether or not angels exist. We don’t need anyone to tell us, we just know. So if you enjoyed this video give it a like comment and subscribe.

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