My Lucid Dreaming Experience

Hi Everyone in this video I talk about two lucid dreaming experiences I had. Worth a listen as sometimes your dreams show you your real reality…… Make Me Smile – Leave a Comment, Share and Like!

How Successful People Think

Hi everyone, today I’m going to give three tips that will guarantee success – success in life and success in business or office work.

How to Deal with Toxic Friends and Family – Don’t Be Nice!

Lindi Maqhubela’s advice on how to deal with toxic friends and family – Don’t be nice!

4 Tips To Change Your Luck Forever!

Do you know one of those people that everything seems to just fall in place for? Here are 4 things that they definately do to make themself a ‘lucky’ person

Financial Success And Your Horoscope – Lada Duncheva Interview

Lada Duncheva video interview on horoscopes and your career and financial well-being.