Nephilim and giants in America 2017?

Hi everyone, Today’s video is about – Nephilim and giants in America? Fallen angels? Sleeping giants in stasis chambers in 2017? Proof of giants? Giants in Afghanistan? Giants eating humans, Reptilians and more

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Hi everyone, when we talk about giants we usually think about the ones in folklore. But there are people who claim that giants existed in the past and that giants even exist today.

The first so-called evidence of giants existing is in the bible, Genesis 6 v 4 and also in the dead sea scrolls. Even ancient historians, such as Titus Flavious Josephus talk about giants as if they were real. One of the most talked about race of giants is the Nephilim.

Some say that these are the off-spring of fallen angels and human women. Some call these fallen angels the Gods.

Fragments from the book of Enoch which was found in a cave in Israel and dates between a hundred and four hundred BC state that two hundred of these fallen angels or giants, fell from the spiritual realm into the physical.

This would’ve been more than a thousand years before Noah’s flood. There seems to be a continuing theme of giants coming from another world.

For example, Norman Bergrun the ninety-five year old author of a book called Ringmakers of Saturn and former scientist slash engineer who used to work in what he claims to be an above top secret capacity at NACA, which is the precursor of NASA said in an interview in June 2012, that he saw actual giants at a space station and that they were working with the astronauts and also giving them instructions.

He also says that these giants were mining the rings on Saturn as well as using these rings as an energy source to fly their vehicles. He described these giants as over seven feet tall with very black skin, and mysteriously he’s now disappeared of the face of the Earth.

Many people from around the world also claim to have seen reptilian humanoids who are giants and very muscle bound. The journalist and author David Icke who first made this public also claims that these reptilians are form another dimension.

There is also a video on the internet which is claimed is of a reptilian called Lacerta and she talks about a race of reptilians who live under the earth in the US, and also claims to be one of these reptilians.

When asked why don’t humans see these reptilians if they really exist, she said it’s because they’ve got psychic powers which enable them to cloak themselves to look human whenever they’re confronted by a human.

Apparently, the remnants of giants have been found all over the world. Some say that even the skulls of a race of giants called the Annunaki were found in Malta. Interestingly, some of these skulls have horns.

I have to add that the Nephilim and the Annunaki are not the same thing. South African folklore claims that these horns that giants have are not there for no purpose, they’re actually like anntena and are used for communication purposes.

In South Africa in 1912, a footprint was found, a giant footprint in granite. The locals call this the footprint of the Gods.

It’s about four feet in length which means that the owner of the foot must have been about twenty seven feet tall. It is two hundred to three billion years old. Skeptics say that the footprint could’ve been made by humans a long time ago, rather than being the footprint of a giant.

They also say that perhaps natural erosion made the footprint. But Professor Wagner from the University of Port Elizabeth, says that all these skeptics theories are highly, highly unlikely.

In 1988 a giant finger was found with it’s nail still attached. Many say that this finger proves that giants once existed. It is almost sixteen inches long which would indicate that the owner of the finger must have been about sixteen feet in height.

Swiss archaeologist Regis Sporis released the image to the newspaper the Bild. But still, there are even cases of people saying that they’ve seen giants in real life, in modern times.

For example, the author Steve Quayle says that after the second world war, many American and Japanese soldiers claimed that many of their men had been eaten by cannabalistic giants on the Solomon Islands.

More recently there are many rumours about a group of US soldiers who say that when they were fighting in Afghanistan, in a place called Khandahar they came across a giant and fought this giant and killed it.

The type of giant they saw is the same type that native Americans talk about in their legends, and say that really existed. These giants are said to have flaming red hair and a double row of teeth. They are eight feet and taller and have six fingers.

Giants hunt their victims by tracking them down via sniffing their DNA. If you recall the story of Jack and the Beanstalk the giant says, Fee Fi Fo Fumb I smell the blood of an englishman, be he alive or be he dead, I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.

Now at face value this seems like an odd couplet to make up, until you factor in that perhaps giants hunt their victims via their DNA, via their scent, the same as animals do.

Now I’m open-minded on the possibility of giants existing whether now or in the past, I think that in the past there may have been different types of humanoids from what we have today, for example giants or people who were very very small and I think that this is where alot of the folklore is coming from.

If we had dinosaurs in the past, why not giants? In the past there could’ve been more races on the Earth, for example people with blue skin.

Many Gods in India are depicted as having blue skin, for example, Shiva, Rama and Krishna, maybe this was based on reality, rather than people just making it up. Also prior to people living above ground they used to live underground in huge cities, which actually were not primitive, they were quite similar to the towns and cities we have now, but underground.

The problem with this society was that is was plagued by debauchery. It could be that as the Earth’s climate changed, people moved to live above ground rather than underground, and also perhaps other species couldn’t take living above ground and then they became extinct.

There are many who say that presently in the US there are giants underground in stasis chambers.

Amongst others a guy who calls himself Shane the Ruiner said in an interview that these giants were discover din the nineteen century under mound and that they’ve been captured by humans and are slowly waking up.

He said that the military plan to use these giants DNA to create super soldiers and also to use these giants as soldiers. Now a question many are asking is why have these giants in stasis chambers underground in America chosen to wake up now?

Many say that the answer is that there is now a shift in vibration on planet Earth and that the giants knew that this shift would happen now, that’s why they set their stasis chambers to wake up now, because they want to be part of this shift as the outcome for humans could be very good.

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