How To Trust in a Relationship

Hi everyone, today I tell you how to trust in a relationship especially if you’re dealing with a narcissist or someone who just doesn’t care about your feelings.

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Hi everyone, in today’s video I’m going to talk about being too trusting in today’s 3D crazy world, and also give you tips on how you can cope if you have that sort of a personality. I’m going to start by saying that the sort of person who’s too trusting tends to be the sort of person who is very evolved spiritually and emotionally.

They meet someone that they like and then automatically they start trusting that person and also giving the person chances and thinking the best of the person and wanting the best for that person.

So you before you start to trusting someone you need to know that we live in a world which is made out of duality.

So there are good people and there are also people who are not so good. You can say it in terms of people who want to be spiritually evolved and are spiritually evolved or emotionally as well, and people who don’t want to be and they’re not and they never will be, and they don’t want to be.

And there’s a purpose for both types of people in this dual reality world that we live in, the people who are evil or not so good are a mirror or an example to the people who do want to be good as to what being evil or bad is, without these people you’d have no reference point as to what being good means.

And so in order to learn who to trust you need to know this, you need to know that there are some people who perhaps aren’t good and they are bad people but deep down they do want to change and you can help them to change if they accept your offer of help.

However, equally there are people out there who are not good, who are evil and that’s what they’ve chosen, you can’t go against their free will and force them to be good. They need to want it themselves, deep inside in order for them to change.

So let’s put this into the context of real life. Let’s say you’ve met someone and it’s a new friend and you haven’t really known them for that long and you’ve decided that you like this person and as a trusting person you’ve decided they must be nice because, you know, that’s why you like them.

So you then decide that you’re going to go away with this person and you’re going to go away on holiday, so make all the plans and you plan to stick to your plans because you’re a trustworthy person and then you assume that because you like the other person they too are like you.

Now this can lead to disappointment and hurt because just because you think someone is trustworthy or you think someone is a good person doesn’t mean that deep down inside they are.

They could be a bad person or someone who’s good who’s been hurt in the past and this has changed them to be not so good.

If the other person is the sort of person who enjoys the negative dramas that we have in this reality, is the person who enjoys the good as much as the bad, the you’re going to have problems because that person will think nothing of cancelling the arrangement and not perhaps not even telling you.

So you’ll be sitting there trusting this person’s word while they have no intention of keeping their word. It might be because they are not a nice person or it could be because they just like that sort of drama, they like the evilness of it.

To them being good and trustworthy is not a priority. To know whether or not somebody is trustworthy you need to basically watch their actions to see whether their actions match their kind words, long-term.

In order to deal with such situations, you need to set your boundaries to make sure that you don’t accept people into your life who are careless with your feelings.

As soon as you get an idea that someone is not as trustworthy as you thought they were, or abit of a game player, you need to let them go from your mind.

You need to drop any expectations you have of this person and if possible don’t contact this person. Of course if they contact you still be polite, but if you keep not contacting them there will come a time when they stop contacting you.

So don’t cause any friction and negativity, just let it play itself out until it runs out. But it’s really important that you continue to be yourself. Still strive to be good, strive to be a trustworthy person.

Don’t drop your standards because of how other people around you are behaving. If you don’t like game playing in relationships and you don’t like people not keeping to their word make sure that you don’t do it.

And if somebody else is doing that distance yourself. After a while usually you’ll start attracting people who are like you into your life. Don’t compromise on your high standards just so that you can have friends or be in a relationship because in the long-term self-respect is worth more than friendship and a relationship.

And most importantly don’t change yourself into someone who’s untrustworthy and deceitful just because you’ve been hurt by other people who’ve done that to you. Keep your self-respect and your principles.

As long as you’re part of society you will bump into people who are not so highly evolved, just make sure that you’re not effected to the point where you too are dragged down. Keep being trustworthy, keep being positive and keep smiling.

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