Hell found on Earth?

Hell found on Earth? Children sacrificed? Mayans found gates to hell on Earth? CERN gate to hell? Where is the hell dimension and what is it like? P.S I don’t usually put a caveat on my videos, but this video covers lots of viewpoints and ideas on hell and as I don’t promote any doctrine – viewer discretion is advised. There is no need to frighten yourself, watch this instead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXkVIJ9LdLs&t=1s

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Hi everyone, this is Lindi from inspirationforcreation.com as usual if you want to hear my opinion on the subject I’m going to discuss today, watch the video until the end.

All of the world people from different cultures have spoken about a place of fire and brimstone, where you go to as a punishment, usually forever after you die. This place is known by different names all over the world, but in the west it’s usually called hell.

There ‘s some people who believe that there are gateways to hell on Earth. An example is the Actun Tunichil Maknul cave located in Belize. The Mayan’s believed that it was an entrance to the underworld, an underworld they called Xibulbla.

The cave’s been linked to Mayan legends that talk of rivers of blood and vast subterranean Labyrinths ruled over by demonic death gods. It was rediscovered in 1989 and made into a tourist attraction, but creepily the thousand year skeleton of a nineteen year old girl was also found there.

It’s said that she’d been ritualistically sacrificed and murdered for the demonic death gods. Her skeleton was calcified giving it a shimmering crystal effect so they called her the crystal maiden. Many ancient stories talk about sacrificing virgin maidens to the gods, usually the gods of the underworld.

It was believed that this would appease the gods and they would perform miracles, like bring rain in a drought or perhaps protect a village from it’s enemies. But nowadays conspiracy theorists say that these stories are actually about sacrificing children to demonic entities.

A lady called Arizona Wilder did an interview where she said that these rituals actually bring these entities from their hell into our dimension. Many cultures talk about portals to hell existing in our world.

On a place called Station Island in Ireland, there’s a lace called St Patrick’s Purgatory, it’s said that around the fifteenth century Jesus Christ led St Patrick to this place and told him that there was a cave or either a well that led to purgatory.

During the middle ages and beyond this story was cited as true and St Patrick’s Purgatory was eve marked on maps and mentioned in text in Europe as fact. St Patrick explained to his followers that by seeing purgatory in this cave people would know the punishment in hell and pleasures of heaven.

Today there’s a chapel on the spot and thousands of pilgrims go there each year to pray and fast for three days. Now conspiracy theorists say that the real aim of what CERN are doing is to actually rip a hole in the space-time continuum in order to let entities in, entities from hell and also in order for us to be able to visit other parallel worlds.

And a newspaper article in the Sunday Express which is a UK tabloid newspaper said that on June 24 in 2016 a Youtube video purports to show a cloud formation over the Large Hydrogen Collider and apparently this cloud appeared when CERN were doing their Awake experiment and lots of people who saw this cloud said that they saw faces in the cloud and they also saw strange light glowing from this cloud.

And we can’t ignore that the standard model of science even if you take into account the Higgs Boson that the CERN scientists claim to have discovered doesn’t explain our universe and how it works.

Scientists have therefore theorised that there must be dark matter or dark energy at work and that we have yet to discover it and researchers from the Institute of Basic Science in South Korea suggest that they have found a way to connect the visible world and the dark sector or physical portals or invisible world.

Many sacred texts talk about hell as being a place deep inside the Earth or an underworld. But we actually haven’t dug that far into our Earth in order to even prove or disprove these theories, in fact the deepest we’ve dug is in Russia in a place called the Kola Peninsula, where it was dug up to seven point five miles down, which is actually deeper than the deepest part of the ocean.

In the west stories of hell being underground come from the Greek legend of Hades which is supposed to be an underworld where people go when they die as punishment. This place was ruled by the God Hades.

And in the Hindu religion they call the underworld Naraka and it’s ruled by a god called Yama, and this god only allows people to leave and leave their torment once they’ve worked out their Karma, which is very different from Hades which is a place you go there to suffer forever.

Now to me the only way that hell being beneath us makes sense is if we think of dimensions as different planes of existence stacked on top of each other and hell is the dimension directly beneath us. Lots of people claim to have had near death experiences and seen this place called hell.

What’s surprising is that most of them wherever they are in the world describe seeing the same thing. So as question then arises as to why they’re all seeing the same place.

I think that they’re seeing the same place because societies since the beginning of time have always told us that hell is a place where there is fire, demons and people are suffering for eternity. So that’s what people see.

However, I do think that a hell-like place exists, but I don’t think it’s a place of fire and brimstone. I think it’s a place where you put yourself into depending on the state of mind you’re at when you die. So for example, if you’re someone who fears being alone and you fear death, then that’s what you will experience in the afterlife.

You’ll experience yourself being in a place, a desolate place where there’s just you and you feel alone and you’re there for what feels like centuries until you feel like you’re going insane.

But the good thing is that you can come out of this place as soon as you drop this fear that you have, this fear of death or fear of being alone or whatever the fear is that rules you in this world. Once you drop this, you then go to a nicer place which most people would call heaven.

And I also think that a hell-like environment can actually be created on Earth right now. This is done by people acting and thinking in negative ways which affects their own lives and also that of those around them.

So if you’re a person who’s constantly negative and constantly feels persecuted, that is the reality that you will create for yourself and it becomes a reality that’s hell-like because it becomes difficult to shift the way you’re thinking and change your actions, also as a society it becomes difficult to change how things are which then creates a hell-like environment for every person living in that society.

But many situations that we fear are worse in our minds than in reality. Many things that we experience that we don’t like we have the power to stop, simply by stepping away.

And finally if we don’t like any negative aspects of our world, or our society, all we need to do is stand up and be counted and as soon as we do this we will see others joining us to create a future that is peaceful and fulfilling for all living beings on our beautiful planet.

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    • Thanks for your comment! Hmm that’s a hard question for me to answer as I’m not an expert and I’m new to it too. One thing I am learning though is to blog about what you’re passionate about, not what friends and family want you to blog on. This is because it is time consuming and long term so you must love the subject and if you don’t it shows eventually! Also be prepared to try different topics until you find one that you love as we rarely have only one interest. That’s what I’ve learned so far and I hope that helps? Good luck!

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