What happened when I nearly died?

What happened when I nearly died? This is what I saw the day I almost died. Where is heaven located in the universe? What will you see when you die? Human cloning to live forever? Soul transfers? Who is the real God or source?

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Hi everyone, this is Lindi from inspirationforcreation.com. Eight million Americans claim to have had a near death experience, most of them claim that they see themselves floating above their dead bodies and that they don’t look anything like they think they look in real life.

I assume it’s abit like when you see yourself in a dream. Many say that they see hospital staff working on their dying bodies and trying to bring them back to life, while others say that they see a tunnel with a white light at the end. Today I’m going to tell you what I saw.

The three stages of death are clinical death where your heart stops pumping blood and you stop breathing, but you’re still alive for about six minutes after this because your organs are still alive.

The second stage after this is biological death where the organs begin to shut down and cells begin to degenerate, this is where the boy starts to decompose. The biggest study of near death and out of body experiences was conducted over four years by the University of Southampton with two thousand patients.

All the patients had suffered a cardiac arrest, but astonishingly researchers found that forty percent of them said that they had an awareness even though they were supposed to be clinically dead. One man even said that he remembered what happened in the hospital three minutes after he was supposed to be clinically dead.

The four things that most people believe happen once you die are one, you go to heaven, two you go to hell, three you have a chance to reincarnate or four nothing happens, you’re just dead and that’s the end of you.

On the subject of heaven researcher Jordan Maxwell talks about a text called the Theogony of Hesiod which actually claims to pin point exactly where heaven is. Note that I’m not saying that this text is correct and this is where heaven is and that I believe it and I am not saying that you should believe it, I’m just sharing information with you which I find interesting.

So, the Theogony of Hesiod is a story about a simple goat herder called Hesiod. Hesiod claims that he was out herding his goats, this was around 700BC, and he says that three mysterious beings came up to him.

They were not walking normally, they were sort of floating above the Earth so he says that they were angelic. They stopped next to him and said to him that they’d like him to write a book, and Hesiod said that he’s illiterate so he can’t write this book.

But the angelic beings said that this wasn’t a problem, they would give it to him telepathically by automatic writing. So they telepathically told Hesiod about a God that rules over our solar system and the Earth. They said that this God was three million miles away from Earth.

They also said that this God resided in Cassiopeia in this floating city and that this God called himself Zeus, and that he’s actually one of many Gods who rule over several solar systems.

But the tale gets even stranger. In the 1930s a guy called Karl Jansky built the first radio telescope, he then built one and beamed signals out to Cassiopeia because he wanted to see what was going to happen.

At 14.3 megacycles he actually got back a message and this message was amplified and it also was clear that this message had been done on very advanced equipment. The message now was so intelligent that he couldn’t actually work out what it meant.

Now it’s rumoured that when Karl died men in black came and took all his papers and they haven’t been since since. Now Jordan Maxwell proposes that this God is the God that the elite humans on Earth are taking instructions from.

He said that there’s even a statue of this God Zeus in a famous landmark that people are mistakening for the apostle Peter. Many people claim to have died and gone to heaven. One of them is Doctor Eben Alexander III who was a neurosurgeon who said that he died in 2008 and met God.

He said that when he went to heaven he met an angelic being which gave him a message. The message was ‘you are loved and cherished, you will be taken care of, you have nothing to fear,’ and that when he met God this God was a loving presence, a bright light which was everywhere and was loving and encompassing.

So we can see what the doctor said that the God that he met is not the one that is described in Cassiopeia who’s actually a biological entity and highly intelligent.

The God that is an all encompassing loving light is the one that most people who have near death experiences say that they meet.

Now there was a time in my life when I had a near death experience, before I tell you about it I want to state that I’m not saying that this is what’s going to happen to everyone and I’m also not advocating any spiritual doctrine or religious movement, I’m just telling you what happened to me and you can make of it whatever you will.

What I experienced was that my life flashed before my eyes, literally flashed, it was at a phenomenal speed. I could see every single thing I’d ever thought, every single thing I’d ever one.

I could see all the people I’d met throughout my life and it went by so quickly, but then stopped abruptly three years forward. So I was told that within that time including three years forward this was what was going to happen and that I was going to have a really good time foe the next three years.

Next I saw myself in a huge library and this library was beautiful, it had lots of leather bound books so many of them reaching so high up that I couldn’t even see the top.

And I saw an old man sitting there in like a long robe, sitting in the library, flicking through the books, and then he showed me different books and said to me, he didn’t open them he just pointed out different books and said these are different people, these are their lives and I’ve also got your book of life.

And then he showed me my book and I remember him going through it and I actually don’t remember in detail what was in the book, I wish I did, but I just don’t and I remember being given the choice as to whether I wanted to die or whether I wanted to continue my life, and then I decided that I wanted to continue because I felt abit panicked at the thought of dying so young and immediately I came back to life. Now someone who I know had a completely different experience to me.

He said that when he was in a coma for a week and nearly died. He basically found himself floating amongst colours, beautiful colours that don’t exist in our reality.

He said he felt at peace and calm and was just floating among these beautiful colours, and then he said that to the corner of his eye he could see a darkness, a blackness that felt evil and was trying to approach him.

This blackness kept coming closer and closer and when he turned towards it and pointed at it, it retreated really quickly. And he said all this time while he was in this state he just was seeing this blackness and also this light surrounding him these bright colours, and when he woke up he was confused because he didn’t understand what it meant.

So it could be that when you die you see what you believe, if you’re someone who believes that you’re going to see God and be in heaven, that’s what you’ll see, you’ll see your relatives surrounding you, people who’ve passed away that you haven’t seen for a long time, and at the same time if you believe that you’re going to go to hell because you’re a bad person that’s where you’ll go and you’ll come out of that hell once you turn tot the light.

This could be why many people when they pass away they suddenly have a burning desire to believe in something, they suddenly have a burning desire to confess their sins or perhaps to turn to religion.

Perhaps deep down inside we all know that the state of mind that you’re in at death is the state you will experience in the after life, if there is one. If you desire it, there will be loving beings who will help you in your passing so that you can get to where you need to be.

But many people don’t want to die, they’re looking for ways to live forever and an interesting scientific proposition for an after life is cybernetics. Billionaire Dmitri Itskov wants to achieve immortality. In order to do this he plans to make a digital copy of his brain into an avatar by 2045.

It will be a hologram like avatar with an artificial brain in which his personality is transferred to once he dies. Now so called conspiracy theorists say this is already being done. They say that the super rich who want to live forever are already making copies of themselves as well as biological copies called clones. An interesting concept is that presented by a young boy called Boriska.

He was a young Russian boy who claims that he remembered a previous life when he was a warrior on Mars. He says that when he lived on Mars he died and then when people died there there was a machine called a Merkeba which trapped their souls.

He said once this Merkaba trapped your soul, you put it into some type of special stone and then when they had another body which they wanted to make into a warrior what they would do is they would transfer this soul into this new body, so that people never really died, and they had a good supply of warriors. So to conclude we can say that what happens to the mind and body after death is a mystery. Also where heaven is located is a mystery.

However, the thought of their being a heaven and an after life gives alot of people a sense of peace and calm so we shouldn’t really take that away from them.

What a lovely thought that there could be something better waiting for all of us after death.

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