Financial Success And Your Horoscope – Lada Duncheva Interview

Bio in Lada Duncheva’s words

All my life I have been looking for ways of getting to know myself better and develop beyond my self-imposed limitations. I researched psychology, philosophy, religions, occult arts and various other wonderful fields but only when I came across astrology did I find a tool that incorporated all of the above and showed me clearly the path to my genuine self.

I was so amazed with its accuracy and clarity that I decided to dedicate my life to spreading this noble art and giving its benefits to anyone who is willing to work on their self-improvement and realization.

I started studying astrology with London School of Astrology and some of my tutors were the famous Susan Tompkins and Frank Clifford. Later I became an apprentice to a most exclusive Bulgarian astrologer – Cvetemira Borisova, who taught me Hellenistic, Babylonian, Medieval and other traditional techniques which are used only by a handful of other professionals in the world.

I also study and incorporate Vedic Astrology – it is more than 5000 year old-the oldest and most preserved divinatory system given to the Seers straight from the Universal Mind.

I had the amazing “chance” to discover the work of Ernst Wilhelm who is considered the most prolific Vedic astrologer and researcher, translating and decoding the forgotten Sanskrit sacred books! I feel so privileged to have been allowed by Providence to have such a teacher.

I am now based in London and work extensively with private clients, companies and organisations.

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Interview Questions

1. Lada, you’re based in London now but can you tell us about your background, where you lived as a child and how you came to be in London?
2. Can you tell us what inspired you to study astrology and the type of astrology you do?
3. Can you tell us how you do a reading? What’s the process, and what should a person expect from it?
4. Do you think a person needs to be psychic to be an astrologer?
5. You feature psychics on your channel, how do you decipher who is a genuine psychic and who is a charlatan, that’s before you actually get a reading?
6. Are you developing your psychic skills?
7. What’s your opinion on Tarot cards? I ask as some think of them as the dark arts and others say they are harmless?
8. I’d like to now turn to your online astrology business. You’ve used your astrology knowledge to build an online business. Can you tell us why you decided to do this?
9. What was the very first thing you did to start the online business and how long did it take to take off?
10. What’s the main difference between doing one to one consultations on astrology, corporate ones or talking on Youtube?
11. You’ve said in an interview that your speciality is reading on careers. With the increase in women who are in professional high-flying careers do these women come to you for a reading and what is their most common issue?
12. Can your astrology help you to win the lottery? What determines whether or not you win?
13. What other issue do a lot of people come to see you about?
14. I’d like to now talk about marketing, you have a strong following, do you have a marketing strategy?
15. What have you found to be useful in getting people interested in your videos and services?
16. How do you decide what to talk about in your videos from week to week and what type of videos are the most popular?
17. Do you use social media and what type of social media works well for you?
18. What has been your biggest learning curve and something you would never do again business?
19. What advice would you give to someone who wants to be an astrologer like you?
20. Are there any upcoming projects that you want to tell us about?

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  1. We are in Aquarius star sign now

  2. myself manish from india my dob is 30/5/1990 10:55 am and place is alwar (rajasthan )
    i live your analytic point a view so much because in india lot’s of pseudo astrologer are there who for petty money make a illegitimate analysis without logic so i want’t to ask about my career point of view only as i m trying for civil and allied services.. by terminating the job as an engineer

  3. This post gives clear idea for the new viewers of blogging, that truly how to do blogging.

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