Fairies are real?

Fairies are real? Fairies caught on camera? Fairies are real PROOF? Fairies and elves. As usual see my thoughts at the end of the video! 🙂

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Hi everyone, this is Lindi from inspirationforcreation.com. A fairy is a mythical creature from European folklore, they were quite popular in medieval and Victorian Europe.

It’s not clear what the origins are and strangely they don’t really feature that heavily in other cultures. Fairies were said to be a few centimetres tall and most of them were depicted with wings.

It’s also said that fairies although small were actually quite ferocious when angered.

Also it’s said that fairies should be treated with caution and respect because once you anger a fairy, you might not live to tell the tale. Pun intended.

In 1834 a farmer was out in his fields when he found a small shoe which he claimed was a fairy shoe. He quickly gave the shoe on because he didn’t want to have bad luck and strangely up to this day, the shoe still exists.

The people who have the shoe gave it to a doll curator and the doll curator who works in a museum said this shoe cannot possibly be a toy shoe.

The curator said it was so intricately made and so well designed that it could possibly be a fairy shoe because no doll shoes have been made that look like that.

All over Ireland there are trees and standing stones and hills which are said to be possessed by fairies, even to this day farmers refuse to plough that land and road works are diverted because it’s said that if you disturb these ancient places the fairies will curse you forever.

The BBC reported that in 2014 major road works had to be stopped in Iceland because campaigners said they would disturb elves that live there. Now elves are a type of fairy, but they’re not small in stature they’re actually human sized or supposed to be human sized with pointed ears and very slender.

It’s also said that people in Iceland at least half the population believe in elves, but they call them Huldufolk. So construction work had to be stopped while they negotiate which way they would go. Also in 2014 the Daily Mirror a British tabloid newspaper reported that a woman called Lucia Cordaro said when she was on her way to be she heard a motorbike and a bang from outside, She ran downstairs as she thought someone had thrown something at her window.

But when she looked at CCTV footage she saw a fairy bump into her window. There’s actually a video of this fairy that you can look at and it does actually look like a real fairy. In England there’s a running joke that if something is tidied up quite quickly almost magically, they say fairies did it.

This comes from old folklore that said that if you did a favour to a fairy, they would return the favour by cleaning your house in the middle of the night. There’s also a branch of Wicca called ‘fairy Wicca’ and these witches believe that you can contact fairies or people in the Fae realm.

They use a seven pointed star called a Fae star and apparently they say if you use this Fae star as an amulet and meditate on it you can actually connect with the Fae realm, they say it can be used as a portal also to go into the Fae realm.

Fairies are often called elemental fairies because they’re in tune with nature, it’s said that they’re guardians of nature that’s why you’ll always find them by streams and lakes, by mountains and they’re also associated with the colour green.

If you think back to books such as Enid Blyton’s magic faraway books, the fairy folk in the book are depicted to live in the forest. It’s a magic woods that’s called the ‘enchanted woods’ and the children go out and meet the fairy folk there who live in harmony with nature.

It’s said in the book that the children meet kind fairy folk and also rumour has it that you meet fairies which are in tune with you as a person. So if you’re a kind person, you will be approached by kind fairy folk who are associated with heart energy.

At the same time fairies must be approached with caution because there are what are called ‘dark Fae’ who are hostile to humans and actually want to kill humans. In ancient Europe the Fae were said to put curses on people who offended them.

People disappeared or were put into comas or had back luck that plagued them throughout their lives. If you look back at stories like Sleeping Beauty, a disgruntled fairy put a curse on sleeping beauty to make her sleep. However, nowadays we would have said that she put her in a coma.

It’s also said that people with RH negative and O bloodlines could be descendants of the Fae folk or perhaps are from another worldly realm. In ancient Europe parents used to believe that fairies used to come in the middle of the night and exchange newborn babies for Changelings.

It was said that these Changelings were small withered creatures who died very quickly and lots of childhood illnesses were blamed for this. Mothers used to put iron tongs across their cradles and also ash on their babies faces to ward away fairies, because it was said that fairies were afraid of steel and iron as it was toxic to them.

It was said that these babies that were stolen were taken to anther realm where they lived forever and lived as young children forever, abit like Peter Pan. Now what are my feelings about fairies? I actually don’t have any strong feelings or beliefs either way.

As I said before my videos are about things that i find interesting and then I share my thoughts, and in this instance I don’t have any evidence to say that they exist because they’re not in my reality, but I also don’t have any evidence to say that they don’t exist.

So it’s not really something that I think about that often. However, if someone were to say to me fairies are real and can you explain where they come from? I would say that perhaps they are multi-dimensional beings because lots of people who claim to have seen fairies say that they see them in a hazy way, almost like a ghost or a ET.

This also raises an interesting question, that perhaps all these people in the olden day were seeing what we nowadays call ETs like greys and things like that. But they were seeing them as pixies, fairies because that’s what they related to and alot of people in the olden days used to live in rural communities. So they were often out in nature.

So it makes perfect sense that they would see fairies out in nature and at the same time alot of the stories about fairies feature people being taken to another realm where time doesn’t exist and this also eerily sounds very similar to the abduction stories that we hear of today.

It could also be said that of course, we don’t see evidence of fairies because their bodies are so fragile that when they die their bodies are easily destroyed by the elements. Now we can debate forever as to whether or not fairies exist as we actually haven’t found any real evidence that they do or real evidence that they don’t.

But the good thing is that fairytales even after all this time still help children all over the world to fall into a magical sleep. Fairies also offer comfort to the adults who believe in them and they help all of us to have a sprinkle of magic and fairy dust in our lives long after our childhood when we re-tell the fairytales that we cherished as children to the next generation.

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