Do parallel universes exist l Can you get trapped?

Hi everyone, I’m Lindiwe. Do parallel universes exist l Can you get trapped? Is an elite group using the butterfly effect and looking-glass technology to manipulate our universe? Can you think yourself into the universe of your dreams? And more….

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Hi everyone, this is Lindi from, and today I’m going to discuss whether parallel universes exist. at the moment we can’t prove scientifically that they do actually exist, but there are lots of science theories that support the possibility of their being parallel universes.

And at the moment there’s work at Cern being done which could theoretically prove whether or not paralell universe exist. The original parallel universe theory was expounded by a scientist called Hugh Everett in 1957 he said that quantum effects create countless branches of the universe with different events occurring in each.

At that time other scientists just laughed at him so he basically just abandoned the whole theory. Then in the 1960’s and 70’s Byrce Seligman Dewitt made it popular again. More recently, Dr Michio Kaku professor of theoretical physics at the City College of New York and CUNY Graduate Center has theorised that we are in a multiverse consisting of 11 dimensions.

I think that there’s a good chance that parallel universes very similar to our own exist. For example, there could be a universe where Hilary Clinton is on the way to become the President of the United States of America.

It could also be that BREXIT never happened and the UK voted to remain in the EU. At the end of the video I will tell you whether its theoretically possible to move from one universe to another and also whether it’s possible to get trapped in a parallel universe.

A strange tale of two men who supposedly travelled through time and ended up in a paralell universe is that of Hutton and Brand who in 1932 were sent to a shipyard by their newspaper to write a story, they were in Hamburg, Germany at the time.

They said that they got there and interviewed people and just as they were about to leave they heard aircraft engines and saw that the sky was filled with war planes.

Then they said they heard the city’s anti aircraft batteries firing and they saw that there were bombs exploding all around them. One of the men was a reporter and the other one was a photographer, so obviously the photographer took out his camera and started taking pictures and then they realised that it actually wasn’t a drill, it actually was something serious that was going on as there was chaos and destruction around them.

So basically it was for real and they began to get frightened and decided to run back to their car. So apparently they sped off and back to the city of Hamburg where their offices were.

And they were really surprised to see that as they got closer to the city there were no war planes, there was no bombing. In fact when they got back into the city, it was calm and serene as if nothing was going on.

So obviously this was odd, and they raced back to their office and when they looked at the photos, the photos didn’t show this war, didn’t show the war planes, didn’t show the bombing, didn’t show chaos.

They were just photos of the shipyard like it was when they arrived, when nothing was going on. And they both decided to just forget about the whole thing. But just before world war two began Hutton who was the reporter decided to move to London.

Then in 1943 he said that he saw a newspaper article about a successful Royal Airforce raid on a shipyard in Hamburg. And when he looked at the photos he was shocked to see what he and the other guy had seen when they’d gone to the shipyard, when they’d seen all those war planes and destruction and chaos.

The only difference was what he’d seen had actually happened eleven years before. If some of the parallel universe theories are true, particularly what Professor Howard Wiseman said in 2014, he’s a Professor from Griffith University in Australia, this could mean that multiple versions of our universe co-exist at the same time and also interact on a quantum level.

So they would occupy the same region of space and time. This could mean that it could theoretically be possible for you to jump from one universe to another depending on your thoughts and decisions because the differences in each universe would be based on the thoughts and decisions the other you’s had made.

If this is theoretically possible it means that you could literally change your life base don how you think and also the decisions that you make because you’d jump to another universe which had the outcomes that those thoughts and decisions would make.

But I think that there must be hinges that must happen which are basically things that must happen in each universe, so whichever universe you go to that occurrence is going to happen, and this holds them together.

These hinges could even be something like a lesson you have to learn and if you don’t learn that lesson you keep meeting those hinges in whichever universe you go to. Then once you sort out these hinges or lessons you can move on.

But if you can jump from universe to universe this would imply that there are many versions of you. So when you leave one universe it would still continue, but with another version of you. But there’s also science theory that says that perhaps when you leave that universe it just collapses and doesn’t exist any more.

But I think it’s more plausible that another you would just continue in that parallel universe. Which then raises the question can you actually get trapped in a parallel universe? I think you could because scientists say that you can only move in one direction between universes.

Also I think if they’re all slightly different how would you even know if you’d actually gone back to the right universe that you originated from?

An interesting case is that during the 1990’s in one of Art Bell’s radio shows, he did a call in where people would call in if they were from a parallel universe. And a woman actually called in. She claimed to be from a parallel timeline where the world had decided to have a one world government and this has established peace.

She said that at that time we weren’t heading towards that peaceful parallel timeline any more, so she’d volunteered with other people in that universe to come here and help us to towards that parallel timeline.

So it would be a universe where we had world peace. She said that where she came from there’d been some kind of world war and now people were living under a one world government and that’s the only way that peace could be established.

And that they were living in small communities and she said that they were all very happy living like that. She then told him that she was trapped in our universe and she hated it because it was so barbaric and she hadn’t realised when she volunteered how bad it would be and she really, really regretted putting her hand up and saying that she would come here.

But apparently the people who sent her here have told her that she can’t go back. Once you come here or go to a different parallel universe, basically that’s where you stay. And mysteriously she didn’t give a full answer as to why that was. In conspiracy theory there’s talk of advanced technology called ‘looking glass technology’ maybe Lewis Carroll was on to something?

This technology is said to be able to look into the future so all possible scenarios can be played out with this technology. And you could choose to make decisions which lead to the universe or outcome that you want.

Some conspiracy theorists say that there is an elite in the world who are using this type of technology to manipulate events so that things turn out how they want it to. So that we’re living in the sort of universe that they want.

This elite could be testing the butterfly effect where you make small changes to the universe or to the Earth and then see how people react. But these small changes actually have a ripple effect in this universe and create big changes in the long term.

And these big changes could be what they want. So to conclude I think that there’s a strong possibility that parallel universes do exist. So there could be another universe where I’m making this exact video, but I’m doing it an hour later or perhaps I’m wearing something different.

There’ll be just a small change in that universe which differentiates it from this one.

The good thing is that if the difference between these universes is based on your decisions or your thoughts and your feelings, it them means that you can shift to another universe, a parallel universe which is very similar to this one, but has all the outcomes that you desire and the way to do this would be to act and think for the higher good all the time, or most of the time.

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    I am wondering if you think on your higher God then keep getting distracted in this illusion, how can you go forward?


    I meant to write higher good, is better quality of life!

    • Try to get out into nature as often as possible, eat healthily and get enough rest. Also clear your mind regularly to rest your brain! 🙂

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