Déjà vu and Mandela effect caused by global elite (illuminati)?

Déjà vu and Mandela effect caused by global elite (illuminati)? non human species rule the world? Jesuit order really exists? 2012 was hacked? We live in a holographic simulation? The creator wants entertainment so we exist…….

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Hi everyone, this is Lindi from inspirationforcreation.com. Deja vu is often described as an intuitive feeling that you’ve done the exact same thing before or been to the exact same place doing the same thing. When really you haven’t.

Deja vu is a feeling that’s experienced by about two thirds of the world’s population and also people who are usually between the ages of 15 and 25. Lots of explanations have been put forward to explain deja vu, but still we don’t have a definite answer.

Now cognitive psychologists have suggested that it’s cryptomanesia which is basically when a memory is stored in the brain and then resurfaces later as new or original.

If we look at it from the scientific multiverse theory deja vu could be explained by two parallel universes interlocking together for a split second and intuitively you can feel this. So two versions of you are doing the same thing either at the same time or a few seconds apart.

When I have deja vu this is what it feels like. It feels as though I’m following in the footsteps of another version of myself which has left clues for me and it usually means that I’m doing the right thing, because I’m following the right clue.

To explain deja vu Dutch Psychiatrist Herman Snow proposed the hologram theory. This states that memories are like holograms, so you only need a fragment of the hologram in order to create a three-dimensional image, a memory.

But human memories are so interlinked with each other that experiencing a single fragment isn’t enough for a person’s brain to reconstruct an entire multi-sensory memory.

And the smaller the fragment that you remember the fuzzier it will be, for example, if you just smell something and that seems familiar and makes you have a deja vu, you don’t have the whole picture, but your mind begins to construct a three-dimensional image based on that.

According to Snow usually certain details in our environment, for example, sight, something you see, something you smell, something you hear, that can actually resemble some memory in the past an then your brain then creates this memory, just using that fragment alone.

This can confuse us if other people then start adding to that fragment that you have because the brain works abit like wikipedia so people can add things to your memories and you then can remember them as that’s how it happened.

So the brain actually then creates a whole picture of the whole scene and then makes you feel as if you’re re-living that moment which in turn could trigger the experience of deja vu.

However, if this feeing of deja vu lasts for a very long time and is also accompanied by hallucinations this usually means that you’ve got some kind of psychiatric or neurological disorder. This brings up the strange case of the Mandela effect.

When Mr Mandela died in 2013 lots of people around the world were shocked because they said that he’d actually died before in the 1980s to the best of their memory.

And this then led to what’s called the Mandela effect. Some people even claimed that they remembered his funeral on TV, they remembered his widow making a speech, they remembered riots on the streets in South Africa.

The passing of Mr Mandela in 2013 gave alot of people a strong feeling that was deja vu like, but it’s not deja vu because they actually are remembering it differently to what actually happened in reality.

So it’s related to deja vu this experience that they’re having, but it’s not quite the same as deja vu. For example, alot of people are saying that they remember things that happened which now are different.

For example the words in lyrics are now different, they’re saying text in the bible is now different. One of the most popular differences that people are noticing is that the spelling of Bernstein in a series of American books about bears has changed.

Lots of people swear that it was spelt differently before the Mandela effect. So let’s just assume that what they’re experiencing is a form of deja vu because afterall nothing else has been put forward to explain it.

What could this mean? It could mean one of either two things. These people are completely insane because it’s prolonged and they are also seeing things or there’s some truth in what they all experience and the truth is proven by the number of people who are experiencing it.

So if you watch my channel regularly you’ll know that I like the bizarre and the weird and like to explore that sort of thing. So I’m going to start with the hypothesis that these people are not actually crazy, that something bizarre and weird has actually happened to our reality.

Now what could that be? One explanation is that we’re living in a holographic universe.

Now there is alot of evidence including in mainstream science to support this. For example, matter is diffused. It is shapeless and doesn’t have a definite existence, a definite form until it is looked at by something. Observing it solidifies it.

It’s abit like a computer game where you’re presented with the frame that you’re required to play in that very moment, the rest of the virtual world, just like a computer game doesn’t quite exist, but has the potential to be the next frame or the next level of the game.

Also our universe is based on mathematical laws, computer code, almost as though a programmer sat down and built it. It could be that we’re living in a hologram and at around 2012 or 13 something happened to this hologram.

I propose that we jumped forwards a year, that someone deleted a yea, so now we find ourselves in this position where some people are remembering what happened before the deletion.

So now our past has changed due to the deleted year, but some people are remembering the original past, not this new past that we’re now on on this different timeline. Now the next question that’s raised is why and how did this happen?

It could be that there’s a higher intelligence that is actually controlling our world and that this higher intelligence deleted that year because something happened in that year that they didn’t want humanity to know or find out and the only way they could do that was by erasing it completely.

And they decided that it was worthwhile taking this risk because obviously when these people then said oh the past is changed, it’s not how it was before.

Most people on the planet are going to assume that these people are nutters, so they’re going to just ignore them and things will carry on as usual, which is exactly what has happened. And strangely, ancient text such as the Mayan prophecies predicted that something would happen around 2012.

Also many so called conspiracy theorists and whistleblowers actually say that they believe that the world is run by a secret group a group that they call the illuminati. An interesting case is that put forward by Karen Hudes, she claims to be a former banker now turned whistleblower.

She says that the world is controlled by the Jesuit Order and that they in turn are controlled by a non-human race that she calls Homocopensis. They are also known as the cone-heads, as their skulls are very large and cone-shaped.

They apparently control our monetary system, politics and religion. And she says that people have told her that they have seen these beings at secret meetings at banks with their very own eyes.

So are these beings responsible for deleting that year or re-booting our hologram?

If they’re part of the hologram this would imply that they’re not the creators of the hologram, they’ve just found a way to hack it which then raises another question, who built the hologram and why?

So I would like to attempt to answer this question by proposing that this holographic universe was built by an intelligent form. And the reason this intelligent form built the hologram is for exactly the same reason that we build simulations in computer games.

It’s in order to experience being something else, doing something else in order to have fun. simple as that. In computer games we can experience being a soldier, being female, being a mother, being a doctor, being a plant, the same way as the creator with this holographic creation can experience all the things it wants to experience.

And the reason we enjoy playing computer games is because we know it’s not real, we know it’s entertainment. We know that if we get injured inside a game that’s not going to happen in real life. We know that if we die we’re not really dead.

This could be the same for this holographic universe, the creator knows that it’s just entertainment, it is a very serious thing because obviously you want the game to go well.

However, there is no danger, so even if you experience something bad or experience something good it’s just an experience that you can learn from and then next time in the game you can do something else.

The creator also knows what the outcome is going to be because it programmed the whole game.

Our reality is a fun ride where every type of emotion can be felt and the most glorious emotion of all is deep, passionate exhilarating all encompassing love and that is what we as humans are supposed to discover.

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