Is the Atlantis story Real or Fake?

Hi everyone. Is the Atlantis story real or fake? In this video I examine the proof and also add my own thoughts on what it was like in terms of technology and spirituality. What do you think, true or false? Enjoy!

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Hi everyone, this is Lindi from and today I’m going to be examining the question, is Atlantis real?

So I’m going to start by telling you abit about Atlantis and what’s been said about it, then I’m going to give my ideas as to what type of a civilisation it was, what type of technology they had and also how if they did exist it could’ve been destroyed.

The earliest mention of Atlantis is in Plato’s work Timeaus and Criteas at around 360 BC. Even though Plato cited it as real, many Greek philosophers and modern historians see it as a myth or an allegory of what can happen once pride takes over a civilisation.

It’s been said that due to the Atlanteans greed and pride Posideon destroyed it. I think that alot of these myths and allegories from our past could actually contain an element of truth.

It would be sad if what we have now is the pinnacle of human civilisation especially in terms of technological advancements. If Atlantis was real where could it have been situated?

Atlantis was described by Plato as an island continent that was bigger than Africa and Asia put together. But most people say it was located in the Atlantic, just where Plato said, roughly where the Azores are today. Atlantis has been described as a paradise surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Also it’s known for a mythical metal called Orichalum which it’s said it built it’s wealth on. The metal was described as an alloy of copper, zinc, lead, iron and nickel.

More recently British author Graham Hancock said that Atlantis was destroyed 12,000 years ago. He said that before that it lasted thousands of years before dramatic earth changes at the end of the ice age destroyed it.

I think that there could be many lost civilisations that we haven’t been told about and Atlantis is just one of them. There is talk of advanced civilisations all over the world.

There are flying machines called Vimana which are mentioned in ancient Indian text. They’re said to have been able to fly through mountains and it’s also mentioned that they had nuclear weaponry so that was way way before we had even invented it.

I think that if Atlantis existed it was probably a very spiritually as well as technologically developed civilisation.

I think that it probably started off as a utopian society and then greed and pride just like Plato said took over and that’s what ultimately destroyed it. That is mind, body and spirituality didn’t gel.

They got so technologically advanced that they began to play with nature in a dangerous way and began to lose all empathy for living creatures. Now Dolores Cannon a past life regressionist did some really interesting work on Atlantis.

Whether or not we believe whether past life regression works or doesn’t work doesn’t really matter because all I’m doing is sharing information with you, I don’t have a strong opinion on it either way.

Now interestingly Dolores Cannon said that when she gently hypnotised one of her subjects they actually remembered living in Atlantis. The person said that the Atlanteans got to the stage where they could use their mind, colours, sound and crystals to create matter out of thin air.

Basically they had surpassed the use of technology. They began to use their minds to play with DNA and create the mythical creatures that we’ve heard of like unicorns and minotaurs.

She said that there were specially designated places in Atlantis where these things were done. People would go there, the ones with the best mental skills and stand as a group and imagine these things that they wanted to create, they’d visualise and visualise as a group until whatever it is that they wanted to happen happened.

If you see my video called how to manifest the most powerful secret no-one will tell you I explain in there why group manifestation is so powerful, especially compared to you just manifesting by yourself.

At first the Atlanteans were kind to these creatures, they treated them like loved servants, like even family members, but then after a while they began to feel superior to these creations, in fact they began to feel superior to every living creature on the Earth.

They started to lose the ability to feel empathy. And that’s when they started creating huge arenas where they’d put these creations in and pitch them to fight against each other.

They made them fight until they tore each other apart and meanwhile the Atlanteans would sit and just watch with no emotion, as if the lives of these creatures didn’t matter, as if life itself wasn’t sacred.

They watched the blood and gore as if watching gladiators fighting, and ethics and morals flew out of the window.

Now I think that they were so advanced that they also started messing with nature not just DNA, and this probably resulted in them doing scientific experiments that they shouldn’t have done, perhaps one particular scientific experiment which resulted in an explosion and a hole in the Earth which eventually sunk Atlantis, as well as many other continents and Islands, leaving humanity to start from scratch.

Now what real evidence do we have that Atlantis existed? Strangely, marine Archeologists in 2015 were examining a 2 and a half thousand year wreck off the coast of Sicily and they discovered 39 ingots of a strange red metal. as well as other artifacts.

Professor Sebastiano said that this metal was the mythical orichalcum that the Atlanteans were said to have mined and which gave them their wealth. It’s also been hypothesised that perhaps the Bermuda Triangle is a remnant of whichever technology that Atlanteans were using which destroyed them.

But mainstream scientists say that there is no evidence that Atlantis existed. They say that no official oceanographic or deep sea expedition in the sites suggested as the places where Atlantis may have been show any evidence of human habitation.

And Archeologists like Ken Feder say it’s just impossible for a land mass of that size to just disappear.

But certain very old maps show different land masses of the Earth than what we have today. They show that large continents and Islands may have sunk in the past to create the maps we have today, and some continents and Islands even rose from under the sea.

Maps that were copied in the middle ages from older maps. for example Pyreress’ map – he was a Turkish Admiral in 1530 – show the southern tip of North America joined onto the Antartica, which obviously doesn’t happen today.

Also a large underwater plateau which is said to be about 300,000 square miles has been found just in the place where Atlantis was supposed to have sunk. In Japan another underwater city has been discovered called Yonaguni.

It’s 110 feet underwater with stones that are man-made, it’s obvious that they’re man-made because they’ve got sharp, precise edges. It’s said that the last time that this area was above sea level was over 12,000 years ago. So over time the sea has risen over 400 feet.

So to conclude perhaps we shouldn’t just brush off Atlantis as a myth and an allegory. Perhaps if we looked into it abit deeper we may find that even if the Atlantis story is not true there’s something that we can learn from the stories that have been written about it.

For example, being careful not to become a civilisation that’s careless with scientific experiments and their outcomes.

We should also have respect for the animals that the share the planet with us, as well as respect for the Earth itself, if we are to survive long-term as a species.

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