Are Demons Real?

Are demons real or fake?

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Hi everyone, this is Lindi from inspirationforcreation and today we’re going to discuss are demons real? So I want to start off by saying if demons are real they’re not plentiful on this earth, so it’s not something that you should be worrying about on a day-today basis.

Especially if you’re someone who’s full of love and gives out more positive energy than negative energy and also that you don’t delve into that sort of thing.

The first question is if demons do exist what is a demon? My interpretation is it’s an entity that refuses to go into the light or face the light or be love. They are the manifestation of centuries of negative thought.

A few of the most famous types of demons from around the world are in Europe we have the incubus which is a male demon which entices women at night and a succubus.

It’s said that both are invited into your life due to careless habits and thoughts and they can’t just come to you when you haven’t invited them to you. This is the same for all demons. In southern Africa the most famous demon there is called a Tokolosh and these Tokolosh are actually conjured up by people and they are usually sent to someone to follow them around and give them bad luck.

People usually say that when you see a Tokolosh it’s appearance will be of a small person, like a little old man or somebody young that you know. So they’ll disguise themselves so that they look familiar to you.

In the Islamic faith we have the Jinn and these demons can take on any form that they choose and they’ve also been given free will. The Islamic word Jinn is from the verb Janna which basically means to conceal or to hide.

So these demons can’t be seen with the naked eye. Unlike the South African Tokolosh they can also possess people. And the Hindu Vedas also talk about evil spirits that are out to harm humans. If demons are real at the end of the video I’ll tell you how you can get rid of them.

Even though we have no specific evidence that demons exist, a poll of American’s in 2005 found that 42 percent of them believed in diabolical possession. But today the majority of demonic possession would be seen as a mental illness by most people in the medical profession.

But in 1999 and for the first time since 1614 the Vatican updated it’s guidelines on exorcisms, they basically said if anybody wants an exorcism they need to have a mental health assessment first. In mainstream science Albert Einstein theorised that there are actually four dimensions.

Three of space and one of time with the special property of the ability to bend light. Since then Stephen Hawkins has developed on this by theorising that there’s a possibility that there are many many more dimensions in our universe.

If demons exist I think that some of these dimensions could be where they reside. But Stephen Hawkins doesn’t actually think that inter dimensional travel is possible, because he says that matter and light are combined to the membrane of that dimension.

But because space, time has the ability to bend light there is the possibility that we could see the shadows of entities and even galaxies from other dimensions on our own and they ours. This corroborates with what some people term shadow beings.

Many people have claimed to see these shadow beings and most of them say that they’ve got glowing red eyes. And the shadow beings sometimes sit on the person’s chest at night restricting their breathing. It’s never a pleasant experience to see these shadow beings which is why people also term them a form of demon.

A case of seeing shadow beings was reported by Brad and Sherry Steiger. They say that a woman claimed t have seen these shadow beings in the 1990s when she was living in America as a little girl. She said one night when she was in a room by herself at night in the semi darkness she began to look at all the shadows in the room and see which one could be accounted for.

So she could see which one was the chest of drawers, which one was perhaps a teddy bear, all the things that were in the room were accounted for, but there was one shadow that she couldn’t account for. It was a tall unnatural looking shadow and she fixed her eyes on that and then suddenly this shadow stepped out from the wall.

She said that it looked as though this shadow was wearing spectacles and as soon as she saw that other shadows stepped out as well from the walls, three other shadows and started walking around her room.

And then a larger shadow started taking over the whole room, so by then she was absolutely terrified. She said she jumped out of bed and ran for cover in her grandparents room. It’s said that a demon can possess a person.

So that means it can step into your body and take over. But as I said at the beginning of the video this is very very rare. So it’s unlikely to happen to you. It’s also a theory, not mainstream science. Some people who claim to be able to see these entities say you can actually ask them whether they are of the light or the dark, and they must answer you honestly.

If you’re a religious person you can ask in the name of God or in the name of Jesus Christ and again they must answer you honestly. In Europe exorcisms which is the casting out of demons are on the rise. There is not a Papal Institute for training priests in exorcisms and deliverance.

Demons are often said to lure themselves into your life by offering you what ever you want, so for example they could say to you ‘do you want riches? Do you want this? Do you want that?’ and in order for them to give that to you you need to agree and offer them your soul in return.

That’s why many people believe that celebrities have given up their soul for fame and riches. A real life case of demonic possession which has been certified by a medical profession, is the case of a lady called ‘Julia’.

In 2008 Dr Richard Gallagher an associate professor of clinical psychiatry, he concluded that she was in fact possessed by a demon, there was no other medical explanation.

He also said that she’d confessed that she’d been in a Satanic cult and been doing rituals for the vast majority of her life. The psychiatrist said that with his own eyes he’d seen her levitating from the bed, he’d also seen her talking in tongues and speaking in a guttural voice that didn’t sound like her own.

It sounded quite masculine and also he’d seen objects flying around the room and her saying things about people around them that she shouldn’t have known. I’m not going to read an extract from the actual doctor’s notes.

Periodically, in our presence Julia would go into a trance state of a recurring nature, mentally troubled individuals often dissociate, but Julia’s trances were accompanied by an unusual phenomenon. Out of her mouth would come various threats, taunts and scatalogical language, phrases like, ‘leave her alone you idiot! she’s ours!Leave you imbecile priests,’ or just ‘leave’.

And the voice as I said was completely different from the actual client Julia that he knew. And he said most of her comments when she was in this demonic phase were completely dismissive of anything sacred or religious. Strangely, lots of people who claim to have been abducted by aliens also say when they call out to God or call out in Jesus’ name and tell these aliens to go, they actually go.

So called conspiracy theorists say that there was a secret group that studied aliens called the Collins Elite. Thy studied these aliens for years and concluded that who they were communicating with were actually demons, not aliens.

They knew that they were actually summoning demons, but they wanted military technology so they continued with this. But whether or not demons are real, seems to depend on faith. Most of us will never know either way whether or not they do exist.

And the good news is that if you don’t invite this sort of entity into your life, it’s highly unlikely that you will encounter a demon. Also if you’re a religious person it’s said that you can pray and these demons will go away.

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