Aliens are HERE!?

Are aliens about to invade? Are aliens on the moon? Steven Spielberg and aliens. Brave new world. Why did NASA not return to the moon? Government disclosure and aliens. Who is really your God?

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Hi everyone, this is Lindi from Just a quick channel update, I’m on Twitter daily now so follow me on there. Whether or not aliens exist has been debated by humans for many years even centuries.

While most people in the general public are prepared to believe that aliens exist and that humans may not be the most intelligent life in the universe.

Most of them stop short at the thought of aliens being on Earth or aliens having visited Earth. However, there are many astronauts and officials who claim that they’ve actually seen aliens and have said that there’s government contact with aliens.

Now evidence of UFOs has apparently been confirmed by radar. For example, in 2004 in The Campeche in Mexico a surveillance team an anti-drugs surveillance team were in the sky when they say that on their radar they saw eleven unidentified flying objects.

Now they couldn’t see these objects with their naked eyes, so they switched on the radar and they say that for thirty minutes they followed these unidentified flying objects and for a terrifying moment they were surrounded by these objects.

They even say that one of these objects divided into two and that they were moving extremely fast in the sky. Now the Mexican government confirmed that this had happened and told the world’s media. But of course the world’s media were skeptical and there were also organisations who tried to debunk this, but to this day the Mexican government maintain that this actually happened.

Now the Stephensville Lights case happened in 2008, people in Texas say they saw a massive UFO above their town. People say that this UFO was as big as a football field and was moving extremely fast. Military aircraft started chasing this UFO and apparently it turned back and flew the way that it came because apparently they say perhaps the aliens saw that the F-16s were following it.

Now Larry King covered the case on CNN and for two whole weeks US airforce denied any aircraft flying in the area. But after two weeks they finally said that they had in fact been doing a training exercise in the area.

And also the FAA issued a detailed report somebody got which actually confirmed that the airforce were in fact flying in that area at the time that people said that they’d seen the UFO. Government officials and ex-government officials have admitted the possibility of the existence of alien life as well as the possibility of UFOs.

One such official is John Podesta who’s the Chair and Counselor of a Washington DC based think tank Centre for American Progress. He also served as Chancellor under President Barack Obama and Chief of Staff under president Clinton.

Now Podesta has been saying for years that he wants disclosure, he’s even petitioned for it. It’s claimed that he said that he regrets not doing more to release files when he was working under the Obama Administration and also that he made Hilary Clinton promise that if she ever became President, she would release files.

Now I’m well aware of the allegations against John Podesta, there’s no need to enlighten me in the comments, I can’t discuss the matters that have been going around the internet and the allegations against him on this video.

Alot of people say that movies and books actually show true depictions of what’s going on with UFOs. It’s said that in films and books the truth is hidden in plain sight. Author and researcher Jordan Maxwell whose actually very well-connected in terms of the film industry said that he once had a call, a secret call from one of the crew members he was working on a Stephen Spielberg film.

Now this person said to Jordan in confidence that something very, very strange happened on set. He said that he saw Stephen Spielberg go away from the set and he went on a buggy out into the desert and this crew member decided to follow him because he was a fan and he really wanted to speak to him. So he got on a buggy himself and followed Stephen Spielberg out into the desert.

And then he says that suddenly out of nowhere men in black appeared and stopped him. Stephen Spielberg turned around and saw what was happening, but continued on his buggy. The man said that the men in black said to him ‘why are you following Stephen? What are you doing? Who are you?’

So he basically was told that he had to turn back and stop following Stephen. And he said that when he turned back, he then looked back one last time to see the men in black and they disappeared in front of his eyes.

It’s also been rumoured that Stephen Spielberg actually has contact with aliens and they give him information for his films. Books like 1984 are eerily accurate about the future and also Brave New World.

And it’s said that the authors of these books were actually Freemasons and they knew each other. It’s said that they were privy to information that the public aren’t that’s why their books are so accurate. In the 2001 show Frasier, former astronaut and US Senator from Ohio John Glenn and also the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962 made an appearance on the show.

He gave out information as part of a comedy script basically saying that he’d seen strange things out in space. But was told by officials to deny it.

He also said that movies are pretty close to being the truth, those were his words he passed away on August the eighth of this year at ninety-five years old. In the Mercury one mission in nineteen sixty-two he actually took a picture in space of what appeared to be a cigar shaped UFO with a bright light next to it.

It’s also claimed that NASA never went back to the moon after the Apollo seventeen mission in nineteen seventy-two because they actually had been warned off going back to the moon. Neil Armstrong said that when they got to the moon, they found aliens already there with huge spacecraft that were far more superior than ours in technology.

And that these aliens watched them while they were on the mission in the moon and then told them quite sternly, in fact warned them never to go back to the moon, which is why we’ve never gone back. Also see my video called ‘fairies are real?’ to see the link between aliens and fairies in folklore.

Now most people have heard of Nostradamus and his eerie predictions. One such prediction says that he saw in the future a war in a desert like environment which people are saying now is the middle east. And he says this war was actually a race of pig people invading planet Earth.

Many conspiracy theorists do actually say that part of the reason for the war in the middle east is to destroy alien artifacts. They also say that there’s a stargate there and these these people or aliens actually want sole control over this stargate.

This leads onto a comment made by the Syrian Ambassador in 2016. He said that when soldiers were fighting in Aleppo they were actually very shocked to find that the soldiers they were fighting against were genetically modified. Now conspiracy theorists say that there’s actually a race of very advanced aliens who have come to Earth and are residing in Africa.

Apparently these aliens are from Aldebaran and these aliens are very advanced technologically and scientifically. It said that they blend in in Africa due to their very black skin and it’s also been said that governments have promised these aliens Africa, the continent of Africa.

The question then is what do they plan to do with the people who are already in Africa. Journalist and film-makers Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan interviewed a man they called Mr X. He said that he was hired by the government to look through top secret documents, the US government that is, top secret documents of alien spacecraft and aliens that the US government said they were in contact with.

Now this person said that the aliens that the government were in contact with, one race of them said that they they actually created humans and also another race said that they were responsible for placing Jesus on Earth to teach humans.

Now a question which arises is why don’t the government tell us there are aliens or if they are in contact with aliens. My thoughts are that there could be a complete breakdown in religion and they don’t want this.

For example what if it is true that an alien race created humans, what then of this all powerful God? There’s also a Shaman, a Zulu Shaman called Credo Mutwa and he says that humans were actually created by a race of aliens called the Chitahuri.

He says that before the Chitahuri came to Earth humans had very light bodies and high vibrations and that this Chitahuri actually tampered with our DNA to make us the humans we are today. Another reason could be that there could be an absolute breakdown in civilisation, in society as we know it when people realise that the government isn’t the all powerful entity that they think it is.

People would then stop going to work, people would stop doing whatever they’re doing. Perhaps they would also be civil war and civil wars in fact in all countries which the governments don’t want.

I also think that common sense is not so common, so we can’t just assume that people would handle it in a logical and matter of fact way, because people at the moment are even fighting about plentiful resources that if we shared nobody would need to starve. There’s no need for these wars.

So we can’t assume that disclosure would definitely end in a positive situation on planet Earth. Now do I believe in aliens, yes and that’s a definite yes. I can’t believe that we’re the most intelligent life in the whole universe and the only life.

However, remember that my videos are for entertainment purposes. So I put forward other people’s beliefs, other people’s theories and then I comment on it. It doesn’t mean that I believe every single theory out there, I’m just giving a commentary on theories that I find intriguing.

But in terms of aliens existing, yes I do believe that they do and yes I do believe that the government is hiding it from us. I’d like to think that there are lots of good aliens out here who are looking out for humanity. Aliens who are perhaps guiding our governments to try and help them rather than all the aliens being bad and out for the destruction of humans.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if disclosure actually ended up with us living side-by-side with good aliens and also in some kind of federation, just like in Star Trek.

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