4 Tips To Change Your Luck Forever!


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Hello everyone today I’d like to talk about luck, being lucky and what is luck?

Luck is a state of mind, people who are lucky are lucky because they think they are lucky, it’s as simple as that. If you are someone who considers yourself not that lucky, I am going to give 4 tips that you can use in your life that will change your life to make you a luckier person.

The first one is to follow your intuition, people who are lucky don’t ignore their gut instincts. If they are about to make a decision, for example, if they are thinking ‘should I date this guy or the other guy’ or ‘should I take this job or that job’, their gut instinct, all of our guts instincts will tell you something, you’ll have a first reaction, as in ‘Yes go for it’ or ‘don’t go for it,’ before fear sets in before you start logically thinking about it, that is the right decision. If you want to be lucky, follow your gut instinct a lot more.

If you want to be lucky, trust your intuition, trust yourself.

Secondly, if you want to be a lucky person, you need to be more adventurous. Scientific research has shown that people who are lucky, are adventurous, as I said before they’re people who follow their intuition.

How does being adventurous make you lucky?

It makes you lucky in that you attract more opportunities to yourself. For example you might travel more because you are not afraid of going to a different country, you might accept more invites to parties because you are not afraid of meeting new people, you might even apply for a new job that someone with your skills might not have applied for or even thought about doing.

But because you consider yourself lucky, you think, ‘okay I might not have the qualifications, but I’m going to apply anyway because I’ve got the experience’, then you create your own luck, more opportunities come to you and people start saying that you’re a lucky person.

Thirdly, stop being anxious. Stop sitting and analysing and psychoanalysing yourself and thinking ‘this might not work out,’ and before you’ve even tried something, you’re thinking about all the blocks all the things that could get in your way.

That means that you’re not going to do what you want to do because you are anxious and also when you are being anxious, like attracts like, you’re anxious, you’re thinking negative thoughts, you will then attract negative things to you, and then you’ll end up thinking ‘oh I’m so unlucky!’ You’re not unlucky, you created those thoughts, which brought those negative feelings, or people towards you or situations which then made you an unlucky person.

Someone who thinks of themselves as lucky doesn’t sit around feeling anxious about decisions they are going to make.

And lastly, if you want to be a lucky person you need to be positive, you need to think positively. I’m not talking about the sort of positivity where you’re delusional, and you start thinking you could be a doctor when you’ve never been to medical school, or start thinking that you can sing like a bird when you can’t even sing two notes, that’s being delusional, there’s a big difference between that, and being positive.

Being positive is being realistic but looking at the sunny side of realistic, rather than the negative side. That’s what positive people tend to do.

All these points that I’ve given to you are things which are proved by research to work and also things that you can apply to your own life if you want to be someone who’s lucky rather than someone who’s unlucky and sitting on the side lines.

And also an important thing to being a lucky person is to not think of yourself as someone on the side lines. Think of yourself as someone who has lots of opportunities, someone who lots of great things could happen to, despite whatever your past might be. But as I said before, be realistic. I hope that was useful to you, and I shall speak to you all next week. Bye!

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