Overcoming Illness To Create – Natasha Ngan ‘The Elites’ YA Author And Fashion Blogger Interview


Natasha Ngan is a 23 year old YA author from Hertfordshire, UK. She love books almost more than anything. She’s always (only) wanted to be an author, and still can’t believe that her dream has come true. Natasha is represented by Nicola Barr at Greene & Heaton. Her debut novel ‘The Elites‘ is coming in autumn 2013 from Hot Key Books. She is also a social media freelancer and co-owner and editor of fashion blog, girlinthelens.com

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I had a really fun interview with Natasha today! She’s super busy and multi-talented. We discussed everything from writing and plotting books, to keeping positive in the face of a debilitating illness – Natasha has a heart condition.

She has a great fashion blog. I’d encourage you to visit it, even to just look at the beautiful photography. I really love the sound of her novel ‘The Elites’ and will be pre-ordering my copy at Amazon or Hot Key Books. She’s also working on her second novel, which is out next autumn. Phew, Natasha really is an inspiration for creation!

Interview Questions

1. Hello Natasha, you’re very busy, you have a fashion blog, you’re a social media freelancer and your first novel The Elites is out in autumn 2013 from Hot Key Books. To start off tell us about your fashion blog, how did this this come about?

2. You’ve got an agent and publishing deal at 23 years of age, which is a fantastic achievement, how long did it take you to get an agent and publisher?

3. At what age did you start writing with the aim of getting published?

4. Your first novel is called ‘The Elites,’ and it’s out this autumn, what’s it about?

5. How long did it take you to write the novel?

6. How did you come up with the main character fifteen year old Silver?

7. It’s an imaginative, action packed novel, how did you come up with the ideas for the novel?

8. Did you plot the novel or just go with the flow?

9. Do you or have you used use beta readers or any type of editor before approaching your agent and publishers?

10. What do you like about the YA genre?

11. Tell us about your next novel ‘The Memory Keepers’ which is out in autumn 2014.

12. The Memory Keepers is about a boy, how did you get into character, think like a boy to get his voice to write the novel?

13. The publishing world is really hard to break into, what advice would you give on getting an agent’s attention apart from writing a fantastic book?

14. Let’s talk about you for abit now. You’re part of Author Allsorts, a new UK children’s and YA author blog. What benefits does this bring?

15. You have a lot going on how do you balance your time between blogging, writing and consultancy?

16. You have a heart condition, how has this affected you?

17. What advice would you give to other young people with a debilitating illness on following their dreams?

18. I’d say that you need to be an optimist to be a writer as you never know if your book is going to be good let alone get a publishing deal. Living with a heart condition how do you keep positive and carry on writing?

19. How has writing affected your life?

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  1. Natasha is such a sweet girl! Great interview Lindi! Well done 🙂
    xo Anastasia http://natbeesfashion.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you Anastasia, glad you liked it!! I love fashion blogs and will have a look at yours x

  3. Love this. I can’t wait for The Elites release! Brilliant interview – covers so much!

    • Yes, it does sound fantastic – I can’t wait too! You can download a pdf of the first chapter at the publishers website 🙂

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