Fashion Blogger Interview – Nana Hoshino

Nana’s intro!

My name is Nana Hoshino. I’m shy and humble and I’m in love with fashion! I’m just an ordinary person living in Japan – a small town not Tokyo. I’m not young anymore but not too old, I believe. *Hahaha*


I first started blogging in order to improve my English and I wanted to record my favourite items and outfits. But now, I’m enjoying blogging to express myself through my style and sharing inspiration with my blogger friends around the world. Even though I don’t speak English very well and I am not a good writer, I’ve got many lovely friends all over the world. Blogging inspires and connects everyone regardless of nationality or age. Don’t you think? 🙂

I love art and flowers. Love taking pictures (on my way to learning photography.) A lover of chocolate and coffee. And I like to travel. I hope that I will make you smile with my blog! ???????????????

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I love international travel, I’ve visited quite a few countries but have still not seen Japan. It’s on my top list of places to go, so when I saw Nana’s blog I was immediately smitten.

The fashion photos are fantastic and the style clean and simple.

She’s also got cool photos of Japanese scenes and places. Very interesting and worth a peek 🙂

Interview Questions

1. Hi Nana could you start off by telling us abit about your blog please?

My blog is about my style and inspiration. I am not a good writer and fashion is like my language.

2. What inspired you to start blogging about fashion?

Fashion is the only theme to blog about for me. I can’t imagine blogging about anything else really. Fashion always keep me motivated! I want to share the passion with fashion lovers out there. When I first discovered amazing fashion blogs, my thoughts were that I wanted to express myself with my fashion just like them. And it’s such fun!

3. You have some great photos on your homepage how do you decide what type of photos to take and what’s your most favourite time of day?

Thank you! I love taking photos. I want to improve my photography. I love photos of flowers and Japanese culture.


4. What’s your personal style like?

Simple but different, that’s my aim.

5. How do you put your gorgeous outfits together, have you got any tips to share with us please?

I enjoy colours and experimenting with new things. Sometimes it’s hard to style because I am small. But don’t be afraid of trying, just check the total balance. I don’t know if I can share any tips, but I think fashion is Art that anyone can create. so just enjoy it.

6. What’s a must have item that fashion conscious girls in Japan love at the moment?

A lot of Japanese girls are wearing floral pants this season. And neon colours are trending too.

7. What fashion item do you think will be big next season?

Scarves! A scarf is one of my favourite items all the time. I believe mini scarves will be the trend.

8. What’s your most favourite store in Japan?

Tomorrowland is one of my favourites. I love going to department stores in Japan.

9. I would love, love, love to visit Japan one day! All my friends that have been raved about the food, the clothes, the streets, everything! What’s it like living there?

I love living in Japan except for this season. (It’s too hot this summer!) I especially love nature like cherry blossoms in the spring, coloured leaves in the autumn and so on. You should come and visit me in those seasons! On food…….I’d recommend Maccha(green tea) flavoured food. Maccha chocolate, maccha cake and maccha latte. Yummy 🙂

10. If you found $15,000 cash in a brown paper bag, how would you spend it? It can be on ANYTHING at all!

I’d love to go on a trip. I love visiting art museums so much, so I’d visit those. I’ve been to London and Paris but I didn’t have enough time visit them at that time, so I’d go again and do a museum tour this time. I’d visit other countries too. I’m going to try and save up to travel anyway.

11. Who is your fashion inspiration and why?

Fashionistas around the world often feature in the Japanese fashion web/magazines. I love Hanneli and Miroslava Duma. Both are very inspirating, I love their unique and clean style.


12. How did you get involved with Chictopia, and can you tell us what it is?

I am an old member of Chictopia, I enjoy the community alot. It’s an easy way to discover amazing style and bloggers, and also to connect with other fashion bloggers. I’ve got many stylish friends there!

13. You are a very active member, what motivates you toward Chictopia every day?

I can’t check it every day recently because of my work. but it is so fun checking out what chictopia members wear and what is the trend around. And their photos are great I say it is Art. so I never will be bored with them.

14. How did you build followers to your blog and social media channels? For example, was it a slow trickle, taking years or did you attract a lot of followers straight away!

The number of followers is not the most important thing. I’m just happy if you visit and get inspiration or like something on my blog.

15. What’s the key to keeping them interested and coming back for more?

I post not only my outfit but also other photos that inspire me. It may be the key?

16. How do you divide your day so that you can fit in work, blogging and having a family and social life?

I’d say that I am a weekend blogger. I actually haven’t told my colleagues that I’m a blogger.

17. When are you happiest?

That’s easy, coffee and chocolate always make me happy. 🙂

18. Where do you see your blog in five years’ time?

I want to make my blog bigger. I want to post not only my style but also other bloggers features, and I want to share amazing blogs around the world with Japanese readers.

Thank you Nana for this fantastic interview!

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