How To Make Great Youtube Videos, Working With Marie Forleo And Life Coaching – Michelle Akin Interview

Michelle Akin bio in her own words

I’ve always been a performer, but now that I’m lead singer in a band, I can actually claim the “rock star” title sans hyperbole. I think.

Yes, yes I can. It’s my bio and I can do what I want. Onward…

As the adorable youngest child of four, I grew accustomed to being in the spotlight from an early age. So it made sense that I would become a Youtube vlogger as soon as it was a thing, right? Man, if YouTube was around when I was little there would be SO many more lip dub videos of me on the internet. Alas…

I moved from NJ to NYC in 2007 and started my career as a freelance video produceractresswaitressreceptionist. After meeting Marie Forleo in 2010, getting hired to create her videos and drinking the entrepreneurial/personal growth kool-aid, I decided to embark upon a little journey of my own.

In January of 2012, I signed up for a kick-ass program to become a Life Coach… and my whole world was flipped upside down, or perhaps, right-side up.

So now, I’m a Life Coach. Certified by Accomplishment Coaching and ACC Certified by the International Coach Federation (these don’t come automatically after you get trained, you gotta work for em! And I did 😀 )

I’m on a team of outstanding people, training new coaches in NYC as well as Washington, DC twice a month. When I’m not doing that, I’m working one-on-one with performers and creatives who want to shift their lives and get to know themselves deeply – the person beyond the persona.

If I had to sum me up tl;dr style, I’d say…

I believe in a world where self-love and creative expression reign supreme and everyone is the star of their own life.

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Interview Questions

1. So Marie, you’ve had an interesting career, for this interview I’m going to ask about your video career, including how you created such a successful Youtube channels and then your life coaching business. Can you start by telling us how you got into producing videos and how you met Marie Forleo who’s a successful entrepreneur herself?

2. Marie’s videos are really popular and informative, you worked with her for years, so from your experience of working with her, what advice can you give on producing a great video? What are the must haves? And really don’t do’s?

3. What’s the most valuable lesson that you took away from working with Marie that you are applying for yourself now?

4. I’m assuming that when you worked with Marie you were working with a bigger team? Is that right and what’s it like to now be an entrepreneur working by yourself and with a smaller team?

5. You’ve also got several successful channels on Youtube yourself, what advice would you give to any new Youtube video-makers who fear speaking in front of an unknown audience?

6. When I’ve spoken to people many of them are afraid of opening themselves up to internet tolls too, what advice would you give on dealing with them?

7. I now want to talk about your new career – life coaching! Can you give us an idea as to why you decided to move from video producing to life coaching?

8. What are the main differences that you’re experiencing between the two careers?

9. In one of your videos you said that you did a course to train as a life coach and this gave you the contacts to get started. Since then how have you grown your business?

10. Did having a background in video producing and having lots of subscribers already help or hinder your growth and career change?

11. As you successfully changed from being a video producer to a life coach, we can assume that you have a good customer base, what did you find useful to do when establishing credibility or a good reputation for your services?

12. You have a creative background and now quite fittingly you are offering life coaching for creatives, can you tell us why a creative entrepreneur should seek life coaching? What will they gain?

13. Has becoming a life coach changed you or your life in any way?

14. You must have learned a lot in the past few months on setting up a business, can you tell us of a mistake you made, say at the beginning and what you learned from it?

15. When you made the mistake how did you cope with any anxiety or feelings of disappointment?

16. What’s the best thing about your new career?

17. We’re nearly at the end of the interview, is there anything else, perhaps a project that you’re working on that you want to share with us?

18. Can you give the URL to your website so that people wanting life coaching can contact you?

Thanks Michelle!


I found Michelle’s tips on producing Youtube videos really helpful! She’s a pro at making videos and produced many of Marie’s videos. She’s inspiring because she’s a can-do person and very flexible.

What I took away is that it is really important to think before you respond to negative comments. You might want to fire off a vicious response to an insult on your Youtube feed, but is it really worth it?

In terms of public relations, the short answer is ‘no.’

There are many other ways to make a point without dragging yourself in the mud. There’s also a handy button called ‘block’ – click it!

What do you think?

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  1. Marquis Ealy says:

    Getting ready to start my own youtube channel soon. I was doing research and glad I randomly came across this it was a big help. I took notes and everything. Who knows maybe I’ll have you on my channel one day and I’ll get a comment from someone just starting out.

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