How To Create A Magazine – Dom Smith Of ‘Soundsphere’ Magazine Interview


Dom Smith was told at a young age that he would lose the ability to walk by age 12 due to Cerebral Palsy, but he defied the odds living with this difficult disease and retained the ability to walk.

With a background in online and print journalism (he graduated from the University of Central Lancashire’s Masters in Magazine Journalism in 2008 and went on to intern and work for respected publications including Rock Sound, and T3). Dom set-up Soundsphere magazine and it has since grown from a diverse website showcasing local music around Yorkshire into one of the leading print and online music magazines in the North of England working with national and international artists.

He also co-founded The Creative Condition, a media agency that supports a range of sectors within the creative industry by providing content and media production services, and is one of the Disabled Entrepreneurs team who works to support those who have physical and learning difficulties to start-up in business.

In 2012 Dom won the Entrepreneurial of Excellence Award for Disability at the National Diversity Awards. He credits his amazing journey to successful businessman with the support of his friends and family and his own determination to succeed.

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Interview Questions

1. To start off could you please tell us abit about your magazine Soundsphere, why did you decide to set it up?

2. What were the first steps that you had to take to make it a reality?

3. What sort of music does Soundsphere feature?

4. Can you tell us the process you followed to make it into a hardcopy magazine too? I know that when you started you only printed 1,000 copies.

5. What was the biggest challenge you faced?

6. How do you source writers for the magazine?

7. How do you market it?

8. In your opinion what’s the best thing about Soundsphere?

9. You’ve interview lots of bands, which was your favourite interview and why?

10. You’ve said in another interview that you would like to interview Marilyn Manson, who else would you be really keen to interview?

11. You trained in music journalism, what advice would you give to someone wanting to enter that field?

12. When you started off you were known as a music journalist now you’re called an entrepreneur. I think this started when you were offered the role of enterprise UK ambassador, what does this role entail?

13. You then co-founded Disabled Entrepreneurs, can you tell why and how you set this up?

14. What’s unique about Disabled Entrepreneurs?

15. How do you see it developing say five years from now?

16. Can you also tell us about your other company Creative Condition?

17. You’re living with Cerebral Palsy, has this affected your career?

18. What advice would you give to other young people living with Cerebral Palsy on following their dreams?

19. You were voted as one of the 100 most happy people in the UK by the Independent on Sunday, what keeps you happy!

20. Can you give us the website address for your magazine and let people know where to buy it? And also the details for Disabled Entrepreneurs?

Thank you so much Dom for doing this interview for Inspiration for Creation, it’s been fun talking to you and finding out about your wonderful work!


Today I had a fun chat with Dom about all things music and magazines. Dom is a really talented entrepreneur and has a well deserved award under his belt!

You can see the passion that is making Dom into a success. He gives tips on developing your own music magazine, journalism and business in general. We talked about Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Eminem, and oh so many talented musicians. Dom really is an inspiration for creation!

For all you budding creative entrepreneurs, don’t forget to check out the other interviews on the blog which will help you with promoting yourself and your business, and give you advice towards having as healthy as possible – body and mind, no matter what your condition.

Whether you be a journalist like Dom, a writer, an artist or musician. A top tip is to be yourself, be nice to others and collaborate with those who are doing something similar to you!

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