Project Camelot – Jessica Schab Poet Interview (Aka Jessica Mystic)

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Jessica Schab is very proud that she avoided a university education and did not finish high school. Her education comes from life and her inner-guidance teachers. She believes that we have all the wisdom of the universe we need inside us if we would only do our soul archaeology to discover our hidden treasures. Her insights and self-teachings have led her to be an accomplished dream guide and a time-travel healer. She has spoken at conferences and has done media interviews all over the world. She has spent the last 10 years of her life doing spiritual coaching, dream-guide work, mentoring, healing, and speaking to people who have had all kinds of ET contact. She understands their experiences and is able to help people understand what they have been through. Jessica wants everyone to know that this planet is a Harvard University for creators in training. In order to be here, we must understand we are masters and have a very prestigious background. These qualifications are more significant to her than the earthly ones.

Jessica’s debut book of poetry, ‘Soul Archaeology’ was published in August 2012

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I had a really interesting discussion with Jessica this morning, she’s interesting, talented and knowledgeable on many topics. On top of that she’s a poet.

This is Jessica’s interview transcript, which I have posted in her own words, in her own writing, unedited by me. Jessica is dyslexic. This is how a dyslexic mind can see words and writing. This is what makes her poetry unique, it adds a certain flow, an honesty, to it. She’s an inspiration for creation, and creatively goes with the flow.

In the interview, we discussed her interview with Project Camelot, what the title of her book ‘Soul Archaeology’ refers to. Where she gets her inspiration to write, The End Of Fear Project, and lots more.

Interview Transcript

1. You’ve just released your first poetry book called ‘Soul Archeology.’ Can you describe what Soul Archeology is?

I’m choosing to write my answers out as so much more comes to me when I write and its much more clear. Also its more fitting as this is an interview for writers. And you agree to be raw and post things as is without editing.

Yes I have finally released it, I have had people asking me to publish those poems for years but it took a long time cause writing them is one thing editing them with out losing its original essence and layouts and all that other tech stuff that goes into a book is another and was very challenging for me.

Soul Archeology is just what it sounds like its about digging deep into ourselves first rather then digging up the earth and look for answers outside of ourselves. It sounds cliché in which we hear it all the time the answers are with in but still very few know really what that means or how to do that. These poems came to me when I was at a point where I wanted to go beyond my mind, my ideas my beliefs, I wanted to understand the language of life through my own life if I was perspective enough then perhaps I could show others this as well.

Its about being honest with yourself even when its really unpleasant its about seeing everything in the world outside you that you do not like and how its also going on inside of you that it first started there. Why is it going on inside of us? What can we do about it? Are we brave enough to get dirty in our psyche? In order to find our treasures that we buried deep inside us, im not talking about the treasure that is of value or to make us lots of money but real treasure and success which is having a good honest relationship with yourself and your inner child.

The treasure in soul archeology is our innocence our sensitivity and our connection understanding we had with infinite when we were not obsessed with answers but were in perpetual aw and wonder. Hence the child like fashion that the poems are written in a style of innocence taking the extremely complex and making it simple while giving credibility back to the children.

2. Tell us how your career as a mystic started. What was the trigger?

Well first off I would not call it a career, nor was it ever my intention to be able to live off it, it just happened people wanted to support me so I let them and I have been living that way since.

How did it start? It’s a long story with many dimensions and layers to it, I shared some of it in my Project Camelot interview and the rest in interviews with Lilou Mace and the rest of it in my blogs (which I will also be publishing memoirs of mystic truth being stranger then fiction I will call it “The Language of Life”.

But honestly there is no trigger really that starts us on our path its just there its always there and we just become more aware of it more able to understand it, it’s a matter of perspective to see things not as tunnel vision or singling yourself as better or less then but just being able to observe detached and un-judgmental of yourself and all that happens to you.

Its also a matter of living truthful to yourself and for yourself despite what others think that’s what really started it with me and of course changing my relationship with fear which I will get into more later.

3. Where do you get your deep knowledge of metaphysics and spirituality?

I honestly never really studied anywhere, I had my dad share some things but it was long ago and I barely remember any of it nor did I understand at that time. So I can not say I was told this and that and even when I did read something I would get something from it that others would not.

It was always just an inner feeling for me a sense of play and looking at things from as many perspective as I could with out being attached to any labels. I started to lose it when I started to try to explain it. Its not in the known that these things come to us clear as a bell but in the unknown when we are lost to a moment free from all mental intellectual conditionings this is how kids are able to do it and how and why they use more % of their brain and eyes then people do when they become adults.

It’s a matter of trusting yourself of just knowing like a download it just comes to you when you need it and when you don’t need it its not there cause maybe the moment does not call for it but we still want to know study plan and prepare this is where lots of problems and unnecessary suffering comes from.

Most of us today can not make plans unless we know and so we get stuck I suggest surrendering to the unknown and seeing how it works out beyond your plans. I am a living example of this. I also feel it comes from seeing yourself as part of the whole when you understand how your mind works you can see it as a mirror of what’s going on in the world my poetry book shows this first hand.

If you understand a cell then you understand your body the planet and the universe it’s all a pattern and a micro of a macro in this everything is in our access but most do not trust themselves to experience it they are also too afraid you need to go past these two to experience the infinite that is and always is available to us but only if we are free from our confusion and fear otherwise it can be dangerous so there is a reason most are not able to access this it must not be exploited or commercialized or weaponized in anyway.

4. In one of your interviews you said that this was a hard path for you to accept and follow as when you were younger, like most people, you wanted to fit into society, and be in inverted commas normal. What are your views on this now?

We are all conditioned to want to be normal as there is something unspoken in the air about that desire such as if your not normal no one will ever love you. I think that is why so many children disconnect from their total understanding and being because of that thought that fear even though its not true we convince ourselves it is then it gets played out as a self fulfilling prophesy.

We then end up waging war on ourselves forever punishing ourselves because we are not normal and can not fit in the more we try the less it works. It’s a horrible self inflicted hell to want to be or try to be normal or to fit in. its one of the most worst and dishonest things we can do to ourselves especially when the idea of normal is an illusion and comes from a severally mentally ill society.

At one point I thought I was being punished for being who I was, now I know it’s a good thing, who wants to be normal in an insane world? Normal is not us its some ones idea of us. Normal comes from comparing and identifying and our relationship we have with ourselves and this backwards world.

Its not real never was yet we let it give us so much grief. Can we see now how conditioned we actually are? Is it too scary to inquire in something such as this?

5. What do you hope people will get from your poetry?

Freedom, from their psyche from all the confusion and backwardsness going on in the world. Its to show people how being honest with themselves can be fun and not so scary or hard as we think. It’s to be free to write and say what ever we want how ever we want with out worrying about not care about the sentence structure rules or punctuation or the spell we put over ourselves when we are stressed to get the spelling right lest its not understood.

With that stress how can we be free to create in our own way when there is a judge and jury living in our head. I used to work in animation studio a dream job of mine, and all the aritsts there I found that used to love to draw now no longer does cause they have to do it for someone else how they want it which has sucked all the life and imagination from them and the joy of creating to begin with this should be a crime. I asked the artists do you remember when you were a kid how you used to love to draw doing your own thing with no judgment living in your head of how it should be or worried if it is was right or wrong?
I really always used to wonder why are we so sad and lonely as adults and when we are kids we are not like that at all. Its because when we were kids we lived in our own inner world we stayed there for hours playing imagining creating co- creating we never felt lonely.

The outside world that most lived in was like a dream and did not feel real to us at all it was not ours and we knew it but as time went by the conditioning and pressure of society a system and all our loved ones being so heavy conditioned pushed the conditioning onto us saying it was for love or for our own good which was actually fear and we ended up disconnecting with our inner world totally and where it was once our friend became something we fear.

In which have you ever wondered why when we were young we had imaginary friends now as adults we have imaginary enemies? This is the purpose of my poetry book to understand what happened in the in-between to be well aware of the counterfeit dreams ideals ideas we have been sold and take back our life in order to bring us back to life.

To not just read it but live and experience firsthand just how much there are no limits just beliefs and how much truth is stranger then fiction in order to co-create a world that is not a looped ground hog day the same experiences dramas tragedies stories over and over we must be aware of how we are all contributing to the insanity in the world to that what we do not like to understand it is to be free from it.

Not to just wish hope and pray for positivity and peace as we see it does not work. Just like someone who wants to be healthy is worried about being sick yet always eats at macdonalds it’s a metaphor of what we are doing inside our own minds.

6. When did you start writing poetry?

I started writing poetry when I was about 21 years old, the singer Jewel inspired me as well but honestly at that time I did not know I was writing poetry I was not thinking about it or trying to do it. My hands just started to do it, it was all they wanted to do everything had a message even an error in the sentence or a misspelled word to give me a new perspective on the poem, I am dyslexic so even writing words backwards did something funny it showed me the answer in the word in etymology the origin of the word. My hands have always been more wiser then my mind just like my eyes and energy have always been the loudest part of me.

7. What is it about writing poetry that appeals to you?

Poetry to me is about being intimate with yourself it’s a tool to get to know yourself a friend to comfort and confide in to share all your inner worlds and workings with paper does judge.

But poems are special then usual writing cause it’s the language of spirit it not for the mind poems indeed if you read it through the mind it makes no sense and can even be considered stupid so its like a code a message from our core that speaks to us beyond mind engaging different dormant faculties in us. Or really deep and profound writing is writing in this way and thus so easily to be misunderstood which is the sad part about it.

Poems have so much personality and vibrations to them, its like music a song sung to the silence a liberating imaginative person world we can create with flow and energetic color it’s a sense of play and self exploration beyond the things we think we know, its not about giving you answers or knowledge but wonder and ah seeing yourself and the world in many new perspectives examples such as rumi and halfiz.

There is something about them be they short and sweet or long and deep that stick stand out to us haunt the memory like something we knew long ago. Poems are also highly contagious once you read or hear one that speaks to you makes you ripple you feel compelled to write one of your own.

You cannot force yourself to write a poem it will not come when you want its spontaneous, transparent and rebellious, it does not care if you can write or not if your dyslexic or not if it wants to come through it will. its important to know your not writing the poem the poem is writing you. I mean look right now im not writing a poem im talking about it but the poem is so excited, playful, it does not care about rules or structures of any kind its making me answer these questions in a poem style.

Poems are powerful so much so they have been repressed I truly feel we have not scratched the surface of the poems true meaning and potential.

8. Do you have a technique that you use to access your inner creativity?

No I do not have a technique I access in order to be more creative not at all. I never try to be creative. Its just something that happens while I live my life. It comes when I want to be brutally yet playfully blunt with myself or when I can see the mirror of myself and the world so clearly or when I am very emotional and need to release need to share and that wanting to share so intensely makes it come out in a very unique way.

Its hard in that when I sit down to write so much comes to me at once my hands can not keep up its like a waterfall of things I do my best to get it out exactly as it first is presented cause I try to fit it all in in one poem it comes up multidimensional it becomes a language all its own.

Then there is the challenge of editing im very nervous to edit it that it could lose its original raw essence by the world idea of perfection. Like taking a picture of pretty girl and photo shopping her so much that it looks nothing like the girl. It’s a verbal piccaso way for me to photograph the moment the feeling as I see it.

9. You’ve had some tough times in your life, with the passing of your father and sister, does this influence your poetry?

I realized I started writing poetry shortly after my father passed away so yes I would say that it has influenced me writing. I think writing can be the best therapy out there and its free but scary to delve that deep into ourselves to let ourselves be free in that realm to just be some have forgotten how to do this.

I started writing just for myself saying to myself no one will ever see it so you can say what you want and that helped. Now I let everyone see it even the really unpleasant things about myself as its honest and helps heal I mean if we do not talk about it then others think they are alone and no one understands what they have gone through its simply not true.

Think about how at one time talking about sexual molestation to children was taboo so the many that had that happen to them suffered in silence and had such guilt and shame about it until someone like opera went public about it, it was not easy but cause she did that so many were finally able to talk about it and heal.

10. You’ve said that you’re dyslexic, does this influence your poetry and creative process?

Oh yes very much so its evident as you read it but with that came the funny observation and insight that wait im not dyslexic the world is and if you want to make sense of this world we should stand on our head and do the exact opposite of what we are told.

Also if we can see how everything is a mirror and if something is written backwards then we can see it for what it really is. I often read words backwards and get a new perspective and understanding of the word which is again a form of etymology the study of the origin of words.

Dyslexia is also a form of rebellion and mischievousness to the system a sense of play a sense of exploration and doing things your own way trusting yourself enough to share beyond what others have put in your mind and tried to tell you that the world runs. Its all backwards remember. It’s also a glitch in your mental energetic nature.

Its such a tragedy that as kids we are told this is a disability something that is wrong with us rather then something that is natural. Something that can be genius, I mean people are considered genius when they are able to think outside of the box and come up with things that most could not see before. It makes the poems kaleidoscopic to where every time you look at them you see something new.

11. Many writers say that they find the fear of failure, and their writing not being good enough challenging. What are your thoughts on getting over the fear of failure?

You know I never once felt a fear to fail or even thought about that as I write, its just sharing there is no right/write or wrong way to do it sure we can be less honest with ourselves then we are robbing ourselves of a chance to have a better relationship with ourselves.

I do not ever gets writers block or think I failed with anything I wrote the fear to fail is not even us it comes from some conditioning from the system. Why should I fear some-ones idea of perfection? It makes no sense to me.

When we write and have a good relationship with ourselves we see that first hand (excuse the pun) Also I first and foremost write for myself then after I share it with others thinking maybe it will inspire them to do the same. Yes I do feel sometimes when I want to write things that do not have words yet or are too honest and how to share in a tactful way or get through to people then yes that’s challenging but it does not stop me im always up for the challenge and that pushes me to be more creative to be even more honest and try new approaches.

I guess then a failure can be where I do not reach people in the way I was reached were it makes sense for me and not for them but that’s ok I just try again. Who says we have to be hard on ourselves when we fail so what we failed we can fail how do we learn if we do not fail? The fear to fail is an illusion sadly things like this stifle our creativity making us so afraid to be to share to write that we forget to even begin convincing ourselves why try its nothing new and we will not be good enough anyway. In this way we forget to even begin.

The problem is thinking about failure the more you think about it the more it stifles you, its not our fault we have been taught this at a very young age. If we can at least see and realize what we are doing then we can stop it before it even starts.
One other thing we need to feel ok to share now things that are the most painful and scary otherwise how can we be free? When secrets are power, the powers that further encourage our enslavement continue to do this by secrets and power if there is no secrets then there is no power and if there is no power then there is no secrets right?

So we must have the courage to tell on ourselves to share the dirt on ourselves before anyone else does. So we no longer have to hide who we are and what we know or feel like there is something wrong with us for being who we are. With that realization I was not only able to heal myself through my poems but get new perspective on the worst things that happened to me so I was no longer a victim to it, I could see the opportunity of it all happening the way it did.

I was determined to not make life my enemy but my friend and from these poems and realizations came the strong desire to share which led to videos which led to my interview with Project Camelot and me being a speaker. Which no one is more surprised about this then me I never imagined myself to be a speaker, but I just kept getting so much insight and I knew so many were suffering and I knew how unnecessary it was so I had to share there was no other option for me.

11. What advice would you give to a young person who wants to follow in your footsteps and become a poet?

Wow pretty much what I shared in the above. Just go for it, you do not have to read or study how to do it, its nothing that can be taught and most of the time the teachings stifle us. So just write go on an adventure inside yourself be honest dig deep, do not care or listen to anyone, do not be afraid to make up your own style and own rules.

Don’t compare yourself to others either as you will never be anything else but you and that’s the best thing you can ever be. Life for me only started working when I finally decided to let myself be me fully no matter what no more hiding.

Ok I lost all my jobs but I ended up doing the most amazing things it all worked out better then I expected better then I could have possible imagined. Do not structure or discipline yourself or force it let it come in its own way.

If something good comes and you forget do not worry if its important it will come back. and do not write for success or approval of any kind as this can really stifle you as well. The quality and intent behind the writing will determine the quality and intent of the writing.

Success is not your idea someone else’s so that will start to pollute and doubt your writing and will not make you happy in the long run. Writing can teach you everything you need to know about life more then any school or person can. The more you judge over analyze, edit and compare the more stifled your creativity will be, get rid of perfection and know there is great perfection in your imperfection.

Write for yourself write cause you enjoy it, write to get to know yourself and have a good relationship with yourself so your whole life you will never have to worry or wonder if your happy and content as you will just be that naturally.

13. I really like the story of how you ended up on Project Camelot, can you tell the audience how it came about, and how this affected your life?

It started with my poems, and made me so excited and feeling so inspired to share and cause they were unique and psychic freaked people out so I lost all my jobs but I did not care I just wanted to share. I decided to be me fully and if I were to be paid it would not be to compromise myself in anyway. So I started to make Youtube videos as it was another means to share what I was writing and what was coming to me.

I did not make the videos to get lots of hits I was not even thinking about that I was just glad to be able to get it off my chest like a virtual message in a bottle I knew my message would find who they were meant to. Well no sooner did I make my first video a person contacted me and said I really feel like you need a website and I said yes I thought about it but I have no idea how to make one nor can I afford one. They said I figure youd say that, no worries I can take care of all of that, I can set it up for you and cover the expenses.

Then another person contacted me and said they want me to come to Australia to attend this event and they will cover all my expenses. I know this does not make sense to the mind to go with someone I do not know on such a promise but I saw in my intuition I would be fine and to go and do it.

If your not fully in your intuition and know how to understand it clearly then do not do what I did. As it nearly gave my mom a heat attack. Anyway when I was in austalia at the conference I saw I was around people I could talk to they were open and conscious and I started to pour out my insights like a waterfall. And everyone I spoke to said project Camelot must interview you.

I did not know who that was at the time I was not trying to get discovered or anything. Then while project Camelot was sharing their message well not theirs really they were playing a recording of some guy saying some doom and gloom stuff for the world in the month to follow of that year. I was very upset hearing this message as people were visualizing it using their energy to make it into a self fulfilling prophesy this is dangerous and things like this must be stopped.

This person that saw this doom future was not seeing the actual future but was having visions from a future probable reality that he did experience and was sent back to avert not re-create it. I was so emotional and passionate at that time as I walked to the stage right after their presentation with tears streaming down my eyes that I kind of gave Project Camelot heck about this and they were like who are you?

Then they found out I was the girl that everyone was bugging them to interview. So they decided to have lunch with me the next day and asked me my message and I started to share my story, they said her message is her story and her story is her message they are one in the same we should interview her so then we can also have a younger audience.

I did not end up being interviewed by them in Australia like originally planned they were too busy. I ended up being interviewed by just Kerry in Sedona Arizona on the day of my 24th birthday. Pamela Icke David Ickes ex-wife was the camera woman for Kerry that day.

14. On Project Camelot you were introduced as a Crystal Child. What is a Crystal Child?

Oh this is an annoying label that I can-not shake. It was given to me by her, in the interview I clearly state it’s a label and how uncomfortable I felt about it but non the less it stuck so I decided to use it as a tool a stepping stone to understand a greater truth.

So what is a crystal child its not really important as it makes more separation and identification even escapism but how I explained it to the masses was that when you get past the indigo phase which is system buster angry at yourself and the system and you start to see yourself in everyone and everything. Then you can no longer judge everything becomes transparent and you become more sensitive and clear crystal clear.

15. What advice would you give to a young person on manifesting their reality?

Well this ties into some things I want to talk about later, but manifesting our reality has nothing to do with the secret or law of attraction. The energy of manifesting is not about material gain at all it does not care about success either. Its about being integral and being clear now you can not be clear if you can not face your fears cause every-time we decide we want to make something happen for us millions of obstacles come get in the way as if the universe does not want you to have it but that’s not the universe that’s your fears. I will get more into fear later.

The other part to manifesting is about embracing the unknown as this is where all the magic is in not the known. When we want to make something happen for us I highly suggest to not think too much about how it will work do not think about the details labels names, leave it open to what ever way.

Like a trip for example we want to play to have all these things happen but in a controlled way, we have to surrender and take an indieanna jones leap of faith get a one way ticket do not worry if you have money or not you will have what you need and it will work out it always does in the moment we always have what we need but we are too busy worried about next month how it will work out even if we did this for 10 years it still always works out but again we are too busy worried about the future to see.

Maybe its cause we compare or think we need something when we actually do not. Manifesting to me is having exactly what you need no more no less and fully trusting and surrendering to the flow to the language of life take me for example I have been traveling on my own with no money for a very long time and I have met others doing the same if we do not make the steps to free ourselves and face our fears then we will always be enslaved by them.

But we will not get in any danger if we deal with our internal fears first, as it’s a mirror, and by dealing with them I do not mean just be positive no I mean something else something deeper an understanding a communication of your unconscious. Its too much to talk about here I will try in the next couple questions as they pertain to this topic as well.

16. Please explain what you mean by the statement, “the realization that your past has been written by other authors will set you free.”

Authors in referring to Authority figures; As they are the original authors the writers of laws rules and history that sets up the borders of the prison for us. By telling those same stories over and over to every generation creates something of a self fulfilling prophesy to always re-create the past be it wars rise and fall of empires or even just in our life the same problem over and over again.

We have to stop telling the same stories look at Hollywood for example or all the films there are all the same stories with better effects can we not see the loop the trap we are stuck in. Must we continue to lock ourselves in duality stories good verses evil or can we think beyond that? Can we use our imagination as a technology to come up with new stories beyond the ones that authorities or authors have grilled into our brains since we were children.

It would be interesting to raise a child with out the influence of this system to not read them stories or have them watch movies nor tell them any stories and see what their imagination comes up with if you encourage them to tell their own stories with out knowing any reference points. Though its possible they can still pick up these stories ethericily as its in the air that’s how someone can dream of a religious figure they do not believe in and then believe in them thinking it’s a sign or they are being called for something great.

All that is an authority figure and a trap non of that should affect us and have us get rid of our inner imaginative world for that conterfieght one that leads to a psychological prison. The authority figures mostly live in our head and make it a very uncomfortable place to be its why we have a hard time being alone or wanting a distraction and when we do get inspired it does not come from us but the authority story.

17. On the topic of setting ourselves free. Tell us about your End of Fear Project. What’s the philosophy behind it?

Its pretty much about what I have been sharing here is all related to and ties to this project I was always doing it with out being aware of it though it goes even deeper then that. It started as a psychological thing for people with depression anxiety and so forth, the universities were finding that despite all their information on these conditions they still knew nothing about it. Depression is actually a good sign, if a person is uncomfortable and struggling in this world it means they are still alive they have not numbed them selves and surrounded to the insanity of the world.

It was an opportunity to get the universities to question the system their methods and what they think they know. There are many who are paying attention now and are trying to understand the project but it goes a lot deeper then that. Each person is the project its self they take it on and do the work individually we mentor and coach people helping them understand the labyrinth and tricks of the mind.

Its not about outer fears like if you see a tiger or something its about our inner fears. The inner illusions that we make so real inside ourselves. We replay memories and emotions from our past and convince ourselves its happening now like a movie we are lost to and we react to it and it ends up making a mess of our life. So many misunderstandings.

Let me give an example. In a relationship we are not in love with the actual person but our idea of them, and our idea of love mixed with our idea of our self and the partner has their idea of themselves, their idea of you and their idea of love all of these are illusions a form of fear and fragile insecurity that results in fights confusions misunderstandings.

EOF pushes you to go into the root of these things to find out why we believe these illusions to begin with? Why does it come from? Most of the time its not even us but we are so attached to them as being us we fight and get mad but we need to press past that phase to as its not us its our conditioning. The project is about being brave enough to ask the question who are you beyond all the religion new ageism commercialism and so forth?

Its about changing our relationship with the unknown. So its not about getting rid of fears or killing off our shadows as that is impossible its about understanding our fears and rather then having them be our enemies they become our allies something we use as a benefit rather then hinder us.

It asks the question why is it when we were younger we had imaginary friends now as adults we have imaginary enemies? What happened in the in-between? My partner and I have spent a long time trying to get people to understand this as this is the reason why they struggle and suffer being so attached to their ideas their identities beliefs their authority figures but writing and making videos about this was not enough.

I saw that people were not getting it. I mean when I met my partner Diego he was sharing this to me all the time and I to did not get it cause my mind was busy in other things nor was I willing to be that honest with myself. Which was surprising for me cause I thought I was honest with myself but meeting Diego I saw that the self-honesty well was deeper then I thought.

So anyway with that realization I started to not just read and talk about it I started to apply it then it became a whole new ball game. That’s when I realized that’s what we need to do in order to get others to understand this. It was something I had always wanted to do a conscious interactive reality series documentary.

Were we would be the facilitators at first helping them to understand their fears asking them questions to go deeper and deeper to share things that they have spent a life time hiding from themselves and their loved ones. They would be brave enough and determined enough to share their stories publicly. The series it not just that its also a psychological bomb its very controversial we challenge every belief push people out of their comfort zone.

Don’t you think its strange that people rather look happy rather then actually be happy? Or look wise rather then be wise? Or look pretty rather then actually being pretty? All these things are fake layers that must be explored and undone.

The series/documentary is going to be very long cause we have so much to say and do. It will also be very deep, very unique, & very quantum/metaphysical done like a mystery, suspense, thriller, like the tv show “Lost” style but done as a conscious interactive reality youtube series documentary and it will be very scary as we are going to go and talk about things that few dare to talk about people will either be open and willing to handle it or not…

We will also be sharing the success stories of all of you.. This series will be unlike anything that has ever been seen before.

It asks the question does the need for spirituality have to do with the rising of people being depressed? We ask the question Is spirituality really the way to free ourselves from our fears and stagnation? What is the shift is not what we think? What if its not an evolution but a devolution?

What if the idea of enlightenment and ascension is another facet of the matrix? Perusing spirituality does not free you from fear and confusion it makes you busy in the mind hungry and obsessed for more answers that never satisfies and always out of reach of one day someday in the future.

Spirituality has been acting like training wheels for too long and it does not work time to realize that spirituality to is a conditioning and belief to let it go and see what’s beyond it.

You see these are not pleasant questions but they must be asked so I am not surprised that the EOF project is not very popular at this time. Its about being an observer a perceiver of your inner and outer life with out any judgment, attachment comparing labeling to see what is really going on rather then what we always think is going on. Always trying to understand decode and see with the mind rather then feel what is going on that part of us that just knows. Its not another religion cult sect or business its not a school either there is nothing to learn only unlearn. Its about understanding once again with out learning like how we did when we were children.

If the person really cares to the end their fear then the fears must be exposed until their roots to be fully understood Do not search for a solution until you understand the problem or your relationship to the problem.. each sentiment of guilt, humiliation, stupidity is a hoax created by the way how our conditioning’s react against the action of liberate ourselves from our fears… In some way our mind behaves like it’s affected by kind of Stockholm Syndrome (protecting our own fears and suggesting feelings of self-stupidity or fake humiliation or protect/fight for your faith for your counterfeit idea of identity instead of freedom)…The first step toward the liberation of the mind is always unpleasant but its magnitude or friction is up to us.

18. How are your first volunteers getting on at the End Of Fear Project?

Its been very hard to find volunteers for one, the truly sincere ones that are not wanting to use this project as a way to get attention fame or entertainment. We are very selective of our volunteers but once we found them almost all them are noticing changes instantly. Some do not know why they are doing it they just feel pulled to it.

So far in just one or two interviews with the volunteers their has been huge changes such as what we shared in the second series in the credits. Our major success story I would have to say would be david. He is fully deaf and half blind and has been very over protected his whole life with his family being in so much fear for him so his life was totally planned and controlled and he was miserable depressed he felt insane and was even suicidal all in the year of the time everything was to shift 2012.

He tried everything even ashtar command galactic federation groups and say that it was just another drug another escape that did not deal with the root issue at hand. After one call with us being so honest he was able to free himself from his inner fears and take the steps to making his biggest dream come true which was to go to japan. I love to network my contacts with each other so I contacted everyone who was following me in japan to see if they could help him out.

It so happens we also have a Japanese girl in the series named Ayumi and they recognized each other right away. So not only is he going to japan in a few days now but at the time it was within 2 months but he also has his dream partner. We told him to go even if he did not have a job to trust the unknown and sure enough he did and a job that could be more perfect for him manifested. He is very grateful and very courageous his and his families fears came up and got even more intense but we encouraged him to keep going forward to not stop or give up no matter what as fears are very good at stopping and stagnating us.

Our very first Eof Pioneer was a man from Sweden who felt so compelled to see me in bali. He felt stuck he did not know what do with his life he could not work anymore he came out to see us to see if we could help him with his fears and anxiety in crowds. He was depressed but after talking with us he figured out how not to be a victim of his depression. He was isolated most of his time which is part of it people must learn to be ok being alone with themselves we advised him not to date or try to look for a job or distraction of any kind till he got to the root of his fears no sooner did he do that.

A girl from Japan a facebook friend felt compelled to come to bali to meet me and diego her name was nori. When Nori and David met they recognized each other right away and got involved in a relationship. Joakim ended up going to japan for 3 months with Nori now he is back in Sweden, getting ready to meet with nori again he now knows what he wants to do with his life which is not a path mission or purpose but live truthfully to himself so him and nori are looking to build an earthship together.

I want to add that neither nori or Joakim or David or Ayumi were looking for a romantic relationship that was not their intent and cause of their self honesty they ended up getting a lot more then they expected they were all detached had no expectations. We spend so much time looking for people, things, opportunities, solutions, knowledge that no wonder what we often find is short lived. We always truly find when we are not looking. How many times have you lost an object and you search everywhere for it but you do not find it so you stop looking go make dinner and you end up finding that object. It always happens this way we all know this so why then do we keep searching and thinking when it never works?

Another girl katheryn was struggling with what everyone else wanted her to do, go to school, get a job do all these things you do not like just to survive and be someone until I asked her what does she really want? Where does she really want to be?

She said Peru we used our connections to hook her up with a friend that would look out for her, help her find a place and a job there to but her family did not like this at all they thought we were a cult of some kind so we talked to her parents as well helping her understand her fears she was projecting and handing on to her daughter second hand. We documented and shared our conversations with her mother online as well. There is lots of behind the scenes stuff with the series.

Katheryn went from everyone trying to stop her to everyone trying to help her go. But its not about just packing up and leaving the country its not about running away from your problems when we do that and travel we get into all kinds of trouble its important to go for the right reasons.

Kathryn was already facing and dealing with her fears but how could she get more clear and stalk her mind if it was busy and she was surrounded by the chaos in her town influencing her all the time and the fear paralyzing her? It’s a way for her to take her life and her mind back to find out what she really wants and who she really is on her own.

This is something very important we all must do, we do not have to go back to the rat race and struggle its much easier and cheaper to live in developing countries despite what you hear and think. But even if she does go back she will have a new perspective on herself and her life she will not feel so frustrated or confused or struggle cause she will know she does not have to anymore.

Then there is the couple Shiva and Angela when they first started the project they were fighting all the time their was no romance or understanding just classic partner manipulation they were getting ready to throw in the towel. Angela was depressed bi-polar and struggling with her medication and conditions. But after a couple weeks they started to really get it and they no longer fight they are closer then ever more happy and more clear and they are coming out in oct to see us here in Bali. Angela has also found a natural successful way to get off her medication as we all know that is no easy task.

As for the rest of the volunteers / eof pioneers they all quit their job and stopped going to school they started to live for themselves not for others. They were better able to get past the pressure with friends family and society though it was not easy. They did it they are making amazing progress and I am proud of them but the work is not even close to being done yet. Its only the beginning the EOF project is a life time commitment the more you do it though the easier it gets.

19. Some of your audience say that you’ve changed your approach and are more controversial and less gentle. What are your thoughts on this?

I am really glad you brought this up. Yes its true in some ways I have changed im more controversial and less gentle but me and diego have found that nothing else works in getting this message across.

I was never comfortable with authority figures or religion or spirituality it never felt right but I used these terms to explain complex things I saw them as linguistic tools I was always afraid to say it full head about religion and spiritual speakers as they are a bit fanatical and made me uncomfortable, plus I am not one for confrontation and do what I can to avoid it. Diego helped me get over this fear and share anyway. I saw I was not doing anyone a favor by sugar coating the ugly truth.

Sometimes we need the cold hard ugly truth to snap out of it rather then being addicted to information drugs. As like I said in my post recently. I realized I had become a drug to people they were not fully getting what I was saying they were still struggling and suffering so much always coming to me dependent off of me to give them something new another technique another distraction.

This is what spiritual speakers and most everything we are into is. I am really interested in helping in the most effective way as what happens to others what they do effects me affects this world we all have to live here. So when I saw what this EOF work was doing to me and others I know its worth it.

Even if people will say what ever about me the results speak for themselves. Ask a person who works with recovering drug addicts how easy their job is how much the addicts fight them and make them into the bad guy cause they are trying to help them understand their problem their addiction and not give them anymore drugs. They say you changed you used to be cool nor you’re a jerk or what ever. Its not pretty positive of pleasant its actually very ugly but we must face it and understand it in order to be free from it once and for all.

We get people to admit and understand how loaded they are, to ask why do you want these drugs? Where is that coming from you something else? Another the other metaphor which is not really a metaphor but a fact it is a virus. We know its not the people talking but their conditioning/ brainwashing/ideas/ virus/ beliefs these are the things that people kill others over and its been like this for a millennia and then some.

The problem is when you tell people this is not them they get upset, we have to show them its not them that’s talking. The only way to deal with a virus is to give them an anti virus and these two viruses fight inside us and we think we are those thoughts those fights they exhaust us. So we keep pushing people to go deeper and deeper we know they will freak out with all the pressure but the deeper you go the further up you can fly up same for a tree the deeper its roots the taller it can reach the more fruits and flowers it produces.

At first I would share deigos posts and sign his name everyone got mad at him. So I decided to share his posts with out his name and they got mad at me but it has nothing to do with the writer it has to do the message and how we respond to the message. Even deeper then that it has to do with the person reading it if someone understands our message there is no need to thank us but themselves for its cause of them that they understand really not us. So these posts are done for something of a filtering process to see who is willing to be brutally honest with themselves who sincerely wants to be free and who is not. Surprisingly very few people are willing to go there with us.

I started to turn in this direction when i realized was only helping people after the damage had been done in their life or after they made a mess I would help them pick up the pieces and comfort them. but i want to help people to prevent themselves from either walking into this damage to begin with or from their own creation of self destruction in their lives so they would not have to deal with these things so intensely and shockingly anymore.

Think of it as not just damage prevention but clarity and peace to live the life they have always wanted to avert such things from happening to begin with and if they are still unavoidable then to have the tools to walk through it unscathed. Life does not have to be hard or painful its unnecessary to choose that rout all the time. Every belief is a brick in a huge wall we have built inside us, we want to show people what is behind that wall but in order to do that they must take down each brick either one at a time or a big blast all at once but that’s too shocking.

People think the awakening is going to be pleasant but its not, it sure as heck was not that way for Neo in the matrix. We need to question our goals our ideas our counterfeit dreams are we sure we want enlightenment what if we get it and we do not like it? Are we sure we want a rich man? And so forth all of these things are not our dream and goals but someone elses they come from an authority outside of us. When we were kids we did not need any of that to be happy no goals nor I will be happy when this or that happens? Why cause we were too busy being happy.

20. How do you see the End Of Fear Project developing?

The project was originally going to start as a foundation, a physical and virtual center a public place people could go to meet others who want to deal with their inner fears with out someone trying to make a money off of you or push their faith beliefs on you or exploit you.

A place where you can be free to be you where you do not have to hide or feel shame for being different or sensitive, a place where people would not be judged or belittled though it may seem like that’s what being done to them if they come trying to defend their conditioned beliefs.

After people have gone past their fears then these people can be free to connect with others who are like them and co create all kinds of projects in the community. This is why I say this project is so important as we try to have relationships and projects only to self destruct and take out everyone and everything with us there for of course we can never build anything sustainable.

Of course everything in this world this system is built on such a faulty foundation and why things just do not work no matter how hard we try but when we do this inner work everything works like magic like a fairy tale.

So the co creation projects can be anything from permaculture, to arts and so forth even things like working on our abilities, pineal gland activation, bilocation all those things as its dangerous to try to develop them if we have not worked on our fears this is where exploitation and super soldieries come in or x men used and pitted against each other lost in the duality ground hog day good verses evil illusion.

But once people have gotten past their fears then they can set up an eof foundation in their country so it will be spread all over the world. There is also a youth branch an unschool were the kids teach the adults. The kids show them how to understand with out learning like the adults once knew how to do; how to co-create and maintain sensitivity innocence and integrity.

21. Where can people go to find out more about the project?

The end of fear project:

look for us on facebook and twitter

Do you think you have what it takes to be an EOF Pioneer? Are you brave enough to bare your all to the world? Contact us at or

my skype jessicamystic and im on google+ now
or you can just come and see us out in bali

22. What else are you working on now?

Im mostly working on myself, my blog the behind the scenes of the behind the scenes of how this all came about for me. And of course the EOF project foundation series and the other pioneers is a full time job. Most pioneers are becoming independent now and able to stand on their own which is good and we are getting newbies coming through the door and visiting us.

23. Have you got any final thoughts that you would like to share?

My message has always been stronger then my fears and insecurities which is why I always say there are no limits just beliefs. In my poem book I mention archetypes words labels I was there but I knew it was not the end all be all beliefs are just stepping stones training wheels sooner or later we have to take them off and ride all on our own. Who are we with out all our beliefs? We were not born with any of them is that why were able to use 100% of our brain and eyes when we were kids but as adults only 2%?

Thank you Jessica, it’s been great meeting you!

Thank you Lindi for interviewing me, it’s been a pleasure.

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