Diet and Fitness With Fitness Model And ‘K’s Perfect Fitness TV’ Host – Kristen


Kristen is a professional dancer and has her degree in Musical Theatre from The Arts Educational School of London where Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is President. Whilst she trained at college, she started her journey in the gym. She needed a routine to stay lean and flexible while gaining lean muscle to improve her strength.

Taking in all the knowledge she has gained over the last 10 years working with top choreographers and trainers in the industry, she developed and implemented her own unique workouts for creating toned, lean and agile bodies for YouTube’s – K’s Perfect Fitness TV.

Kristen dances, sings and performs internationally. Her vocals feature on James Granstrom’s hit electronic album, “Gold Dust,” which play on the YouTube channel. Kristen is also a top fitness model and has worked with the world’s leading fitness brands.

Her passion for fitness and well-being has developed into one of YouTube’s Best Workout channels, and she loves being able to build a tight-knit community which inspires and empowers others’ lives.

Kristen is a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Les Mills International Instructor, Zumba Instructor, Xtend Barre Instructor and Stott Pilates Instructor.

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Interview Questions

1. To start, Kristen could you tell us abit about your background and what inspired you to start your Youtube channel and blog?

2. With the start of a new year, many of us will be joining a gym or vowing to go more often, what have you found to be the main reason that makes people slack off pretty quickly and lose commitment and what would you recommend to stop this?

3. How often do you work out and what are the immediate benefits a person can expect if you make a commitment to going to the gym?

4. I want to now talk about your book, it’s called 7 tips to maximise your training results, can you tell us abit about it?

5. What process did you follow to put together and write a fitness book and how long did it take you to finish it?

6. In the book you also talk about diet. There are a lot of diets out here, can you tell us if there is an ideal diet that suits all body types?

7. What’s your typical diet and are there any new things that you will be trying in 2014?

8. Do you use protein supplements and what are the benefits and or disadvantages of using them?

9. What type of sugars and fats do you eat and recommend?

10. You’ve got the body confidence workout series coming out soon, can you tell us what to expect and how people can sign up to it?

11. I want to talk abit about your Youtube channel. You have fitness workout videos, what type of workouts are on your channel?

12. How do you decide what to film and how long does it take to film, does someone help you?

13. What is the biggest challenge to filming fitness videos, and what do you love most about it?

14. If someone wants to film their own fitness videos what advice would you give?

15. You’re well-known on Youtube, how long did it take from starting with no-one knowing who you were to having a following?

16. Do you do any marketing for your blog and channel?

17. I’d like to now talk about your guided meditation CD, can you tell us the benefits people can expect from meditating?

18. Are there any new projects that you’d like to tell us about that you’re working on now?

19. Can you give your URL for people who want to find out more about you please?

Competition Rules

Kristen has kindly offered to give a free copy of her ebook 7 tips to maximise your training results. All you need to do is subscribe to my blog and channel and also subscribe to Kristen’s channel and then send me an email telling me what my dad’s name is. It’s on my blog and easy to find. I’ll randomly pick a winner out of a hat.

The decision on the winner is random and final. You can only enter and subscribe under one email address. The competition runs from 24 January to 31st January 2014.


It was fun to do a fitness video today! Kristen gives really great tips that you can follow to kick start your fitness and diet for 2014!

I’ve always thought that it’s important to keep your mind and body healthy, that’s why my blog covers mind, body and spirit.

A top tip is if you’re planning to start your own Youtube channel is make sure that it really is your passion, as you’ll be spending a looooong time on it!

Don’t start a channel because someone you know started one, or leave a job because someone you know or saw managed to do it successfully. You are not that someone you are YOU. What worked for Mr or Miss Blogs may not work for you.

Think carefully about what works for you and then go do it!

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  1. I’m really impressed with your pilates youtube videos! Thank you for sharing your workout secrets!

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