Christina Martine on Pleiadians, Annunaki, UFOs, crystals and writing fiction

Bio – In Christina’s words

I make videos on YouTube. Along with intuitively guiding people along on their journeys, I write books and create visionary art. I am currently studying to become a certified Qigong healer. I am passionate about holistic health, nutrition and energy healing. I teach spiritual courses that help people awaken to their true potential.


I offer intuitive coaching sessions and astrology readings via Skype worldwide. To book a session with me, please see the Services section of this website: /

Interview Questions

(I didn’t really stick to these we just went with the flow really……)

1. Can you tell us abit about yourself and what you do?

2. Can you tell us abit more about your tarot card readings, for example where you learned to read them and also your opinion on the rumours that tarot cards are linked to the dark arts like Ouija boards?

3. In your videos you talk about your experiences with aliens. Can you tell us how you actually connect with the beings you call the Pleiadians, lion beings and Arcturians and how you know that you are connecting with aliens?

4. In your opinion what’s the difference between the different beings perhaps in terms of their mission and appearance?

5. You’ve said that you believe that there are negative aliens aswell as good, what do you think the negative aliens mission is and are they abducting humans?

6. You work a lot with crystals and talk about them in your videos can you tell us how you first got into crystals and what they can do for a person?

7. I know that legend has it that crystals were used in Atlantis, also Dolores Cannon writes this in her book, what are your thoughts on this?

8. I want to talk about your services now – You offer coaching sessions where you use your spiritual intuition to guide people on their life choices, does intuition factor strongly in terms of how you personally interact with other people?


9. What sort of romantic relationships do you intuitively go for and what type of person?

10. Online dating is becoming more and more popular what are your thoughts on people using online dating to find love?

11. I’d like to talk about your writing now – You’ve written two fiction books about a vampire called Catherine Taylor, can you tell us how you got the initial idea to write the book?

12. Do you think real vampires exist? – I mean people or entities who literally drink human blood?

13. Is the main character of your book based on anyone?

14. What’s your writing process are you a plotter or a pantser?

15. And finally why did you decide to self-publish and how did you find the process?

16. Can you tell us your website address in case people want to connect with you?

Thank you Christina!

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  1. Hi, Lindi
    Welcome back. So glad you started interviewing again. Looking forward to more posts!

    • Aww Thank you! Your words mean so much to me 🙂 I have missed it – I had an eye operation and so couldn’t watch screens and read etc so had to take a break from Youtubing too so that my eyes could heal. But I am fine now and will be posting more regularly. Thank you for your patience and good to speak again xx

  2. Great site. Have bookmarked it. Thanks 🙂

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