I Was In Someone Else’s Body! l PARANORMAL STORYTIME

Hi everyone, ever got the feeling that something wasn’t quite right? Like you’re in someone else’s body?

Script – this is what I am saying in the video verbatim

Hi everyone, today’s paranormal storytime starts when I was more in a meditative state with my eyes open. I was relaxing and looking out of the window when suddenly the window turned into a fireplace.

And strangely, I wasn’t afraid or shocked, I was so relaxed that I just thought ‘Oh ok the window is now
changed into a fireplace,’ and I stared into the flames and began to feel abit hot.

And when I began to feel abit hot I, as you naturally do, tried to shift back and when I did that I realised that I was on a chair and I looked down, obviously to shift back and saw that my feet were white and small, and then I then looked at my hands and my hands were also white and small, and I was wearing an outfit that I wasn’t wearing that morning.

And I just thought ‘oh my God this is really, really odd,’ and I began to panic. And as soon as I panicked, I then had, like for a spilt second, I saw the whole world and saw me as different people, in the whole world. So I was an Indian woman, I was in England as somebody else, I was just everybody basically, at once was me and it was all happening at the same time.

And somehow this just relaxed me and I didn’t feel panicky any more. I then heard someone shouting out, ‘Tom, Tom,’ but in a really angry voice as if I’d done something wrong, and I knew immediately, in a spilt second that that was my mother calling out to me.

And that I was supposed to be at work and I wasn’t at work. So I jumped out of the seat and ran out of the door that I saw to my left. Into the street and it was actually a street which was cobbled and there were loads and loads of people on the street, just getting on with their business, very early in the morning.

And there were women carrying baskets, there were men carrying baskets, there were men dressed in overalls, looking abit dirty and there were no cars on the street.

It was just horses and carts, and it stunk of horse poo. For a second I stopped and I was really
shocked because I could sense myself as myself as Lindi seeing this as well, as well as being this other person and then I just heard, ‘Tom’ again and I just stared running up the street and somehow I knew where I was running to, it all was familiar to me, and there were people talking and women sweeping and each time I jumped past a doorstep, they’d say, ‘Tom!’ as well, because obviously they could hear someone calling for me.

And I just kept on running. I then ran past what looked like shops, and through the shop window I could see myself running and I could feel myself as two different people, and when I looked in the mirror I saw myself as a small English boy, and I knew immediately that I was supposed to be at a mine.

I don’t know where the mine was, but I knew I supposed to be at a mine working. And I was abit shocked to see myself, but I just kept on running.

All I can say is that it was definitely in England somewhere, and also because of the way people were talking, I just knew that I was up North somewhere, but I’ve never lived up North as Lindi, but in this person, who I was now, that’s where they lived.

I remember darting across a road and thinking to myself, ‘oh this isn’t fun any more, she’s going to catch me,’ and just as I thought that I heard wheels screeching, er as in cart wheels and I looked up and saw horses hooves coming towards me. And I wasn’t panicked because my mind was clear, it was a mind of a small child.

So I was more intrigued, and in that moment everything went black.

And then I felt as though I was up in the air watching the scene below, ad I felt someone standing next to me, but I couldn’t actually see the person, I just felt someone standing next to me and that person felt kind and loving, so I didn’t feel afraid.

And I was just looking down and I could see people stopping what they were doing on the street and running towards the horse and I could sort of see the bottom of my foot and I knew in that moment that I was dead.

I then began to feel really sad and uncomfortable, because I knew that people died because in the time that I lived in it was something that happened quite frequently, but I didn’t know that small people died.

And then I started crying because I saw my mother down in the scene below crying and tearing a her hair, and screaming out my name and saying, why hadn’t I listened? And the person standing next to me said to me in a really comforting voice, ‘Oh there’s no need to cry, it’s not real, see,’ and then I saw words coming up, like the end of a film, and because I was small and illiterate I think, I couldn’t read the words.

And then the person standing next to me said, ‘you can come back Tom, and you’ll see her again, there’s no need to cry,’ and I immediately felt better.

Then the scene below changed and I saw people walking along the street all dressed in black, and I knew that it was my funeral, and everyone were attending my funeral. And then I felt someone gently shaking me, and I thought it was the person who was with me at that time, and I focused and then realised that I was Lindi again and it was my friend looking down at me.

Patting me quite gently, and then she just said, ‘oh I was sitting doing my homework, and I saw you just lying there with your eyes open, and then you began to freak me out because you were lying really still, as if you were in a coffin.’

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    holla at me
    Goodlookin Jay

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