I saw the Myself in an Alternate Universe l PARANORMAL STORYTIME

A scary video about an alternate or parallel Earth where there is marshal law in the USA

Script – this is what I am saying in the video verbatim

Hi everyone, today’s paranormal storytime, the same as all my other ones, happened when I was in a meditative state with my eyes open.

So it’s an experience that I had which I don’t actually have a label for or a name, I wasn’t trying to do it, it just happens to me sometimes when I’m meditating and if I leave my eyes open.

But what I do know is I wasn’t asleep because it’s not actually possible scientifically to sleep with your eyes open, you go into more of a trance like state.

So in this instance I was lying on my bed, relaxed and in a meditative state, when suddenly I looked to the corner of my eye ad I realised that things were changing. So it was almost like someone had taken a curtain and was putting it around the room and changing the scene.

And then I began to hear noises, really loud noises which are not what I usually hear in my neighbourhood. It sounded like stamping of feet, people shouting, just really loud noises and cars tooting.

So as the scene changed, I then found myself walking along the street, and when I looked down I could see my feet wearing sneakers, and I never wear sneakers, so I stopped and then suddenly realised that I was somebody else, and I knew this somebody else was myself, but it was a different me.

It was an American me. And at first I felt abit shocked because I felt like I was two people in one body, and then I began to get really excited because I began to hear this other Lindi’s memories, I began to know what she’d been through, like I knew I was in North America, I knew that, and I knew that I was on my way to the shops, and I knew that there were rations, so I had some coupons in my pocket in order to get food.

When I looked around I could see lots of soldiers running up and down the street, some of them just standing at corners, holding rifles ad I knew that something had happened in North America and all the states had un-united.

So it wasn’t the united states of America any more, I was in a separate state which was a separate country and I can’t remember what the name of that state was though because they’d all changed, they weren’t as they were when they were united.

I also knew that there were loads of military personnel on the streets because we were at war with our neighbouring states. So there were people trying to come in I think probably to take over or something like that, and that’s why our army was patrolling and making sure that everything was in order.

I remember in my mind I saw a picture of the statue of Liberty and it made me feel sad, well made the Lindi who was in that reality feel sad.

But with me, I was more fascinated because this statue of Liberty was much bigger and it was also more of a pale blue colour and I was walking along and inside there was like Lindi, me, who felt really excited because I was in a different country and I was looking around and getting really fascinated by what I was seeing and then there was the Lindi who obviously lived there and she had a sadness about her, and I couldn’t quite access her thoughts to know what she was sad about, but I know she wasn’t a happy person.

And I remember coming to a zebra crossing and I stopped and as the cars were going by I noticed that they were slightly different from the cars we have now.

So all I can say is they looked more high-tech than the ones we have now. And then when the lights changed I crossed over and then in front of me I saw someone fro behind who looked really familiar. I started walking slightly quicker to catch up with her.

I could see it was a female and around the same build as me, and there was just something really familiar about her. And I was walking behind her and as I walked faster, I noticed that she began to pick up the pace as well, so we were both walking quite quickly down the street.

And then she turned a corner and it was more like an alley way and continued walking. And I was fascinated, thinking ‘shall I call out? Or I can’t quite place who it is,’ and then suddenly she stopped and turned around and I realised that it was me. I’d been following myself.

Except this me was quite erm dishrevelled, she looked like she was homeless and just looked really unkempt and abit dirty, I could see her fingernails were quite dirty, and she just stood there and stared at me and I stared at her. A

nd then finally she spoke and she said ‘Oh so you found me,’ but sounded abit annoyed, not particularly happy about that. And I just said, ‘yeah, I have,’ and then I noticed that she had obviously the same voice as me, she also had a North American accent.

She then said, ‘well, you may as well come in then,’ and started walking towards a an entrance in one there was like a door in the alley way. And she start with a padlock though not a normal house door.

And she started fiddling around with the padlock and for a second I stood there and I thought, ‘this is odd, I’m odd,’ and then I just thought, ‘but I’m no afraid of myself, what an I going what am I going to do to myself?’ so I then followed her into what I’m assuming was her house. When I got in there it was quite dirty, it was more like she’d converted somebody’s garage into living accommodation.

And she said to me ‘oh sit down,’ and pointed at a sofa and then said, ‘I’m going to get you some coffee,’ and I just said, ‘Yep, okay,’ and she disappeared into an adjoining room and so I decided to use that opportunity to have a look around.

And I looked at, she had loads of bookshelves, so she liked reading like I do, and it was just a mess basically thought, there was just things all over the place and it was obvious that she had a cat ‘cos there was a really strong cat smell and I remember coming to a wall and I saw a photo in a frame.

And when I looked closer I realised that it was a photo of me and her with our parents. And I was really shocked.

And then suddenly I felt like a really sharp tug and a push on my back and I turned around, spun around really quickly and I saw the other Lindi standing there with a knife in her hand and blood and I knew that the blood was my blood.

She’d stabbed me in the back. Before I could even scream, she lunged at me again, and stabbed me really, really hard in my chest and then just carried on stabbing me.

I was so shocked that I didn’t even feel any pain. And I remember trying to hold my hands up and then looking away because it was so gross.

Then I felt myself pull out of that body and I was just there floating, watching the scene below with the two Lindi’s.

And then for some strange reason, I don’t know why, but I tried to get back into the body of the Lindi that was now by now lying on the floor and looked as if she was dying. I wanted to bring her back to life. But I couldn’t.

For some reason there was like a block, almost like an invisible wall and I couldn’t get back into the body of the dying Lindi.

Then slowly the scene began to disappear, almost to fizzle out and I felt myself floating in blackness. I was just spinning, floating in blackness.

And then I felt quite warm and happy. As if a hand were cradling me, while I was spinning. And then the next thing I new I was back on my bed, lying there, in my room with my eyes open.

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