Hi everyone, today’s paranormal storytime is called reptilian agenda. What do you think about the whole reptilian thing? Enjoy!

Script – this is what I am saying in the video verbatim

Hi everyone, today’s paranormal storytime like all my other paranormal storytimes starts when I was in a meditative state, so I was meditating with my eyes open. I don’t have a name for this process, all I know is that I wasn’t asleep because scientifically it’s not possible to sleep with your eyes open. You go into more of a trance-like state.

So I was very relaxed and then I noticed that the room was slowly changing, it was as though someone were drawing a curtain across the room and the scenery was changing. So I wasn’t in my room any more. I suddenly felt really excited.

And then when I looked ahead of me, I noticed that I was actually outside and there was someone in front of me crouched down and I too was crouched down and I felt as though I was myself, but inside I could feel I was somebody else.

I can’t really describe it except to say that I was me, like I am me now, but I had somebody else’s memories in my head as well as my own.

So I could remember another girl’s memories who lived in a cave, I knew that something had happened in London, I knew that they’d gone, everyone had gone underground and she was underground with her family, but it was me and also I knew that there’d been some kind of war, and that’s why we were now living underground in caves.

So while I was crouching down I had a quick look around me and I saw that I was definitely in London and also I noticed that it was very overgrown, there were cars that were rusting, were abandoned and there were plants just growing randomly through cracks in the pavement.

It looked as though it hadn’t been maintained for quite a while and it was also getting quite dark so it looked as if the sun had just gone down.

And before I could take in any more of my surroundings, somebody up ahead said, ‘move!’ and the girl in front of me darted forwards and that’s when I noticed there were about seven other people or five, seven other people in front of me and because I didn’t know what was going on I decided it was a good idea to follow them.

So I crouched like they were and darted forwards as well. So they suddenly came to a stop outside a huge department store that I recognised.

And for a second I decided I’d have a look at my hands, because I always do that to see whether it is actually me, I don’t know why I do that but I just do.

And I could see that they were my hands and the only difference was that my arms were really muscley, so they were alot more muscley than they are now as if I’d been working out.

And I also noticed that I was wearing cargo pants and sneakers that I don’t recognise and also I had like a, like a vest on and a backpack on and some kind of weapon across my chest.

It was like in a holster across my chest. The girl in front of me turned around and said, ‘you get the supplies and I’ll get the other stuff, okay?’ and I just nodded ‘cos I wasn’t quite sure what I was supposed to do, so I just said ‘yeah.’

Someone up ahead opened the door to the shop and suddenly something fell down from the top.

And I jumped back and that’s when I noticed that it was some kind of net and it had covered alot of the people in front, but not all of them, but definitely the girl who was in front of me.

I just knew that this wasn’t a good thing and I was just thinking to myself like the Lindi that I am now, this is not fun I want to leave why are we being caught in nets?

And then the net was like a shining gold colour, it wasn’t like a normal one that you see now and when I tried to lean forwards to take it off the girl, I got a shock and I jumped back, and I noticed that the people who were in the net were still, except for the girl, who was, because she had eye contact with me she was like kicking out her foot and trying to get me to help her.

And I just couldn’t because every time I tried to touch the net it would burn me and then I’d jump back.

Then one of the people who wasn’t caught in the net, it was like like a guy, a quite a young guy, said, ‘move! just leave them! Move! Move!, come on move!’ and then him and about another two people started running away from the people caught in the net.

And for a split second I just didn’t know what to do. ‘cos I I wasn’t sure what was going on, So I was standing there and in my head were two Lindi’s almost like they were battling against each other, and the one was was used to this reality wanted to go and me being me I wanted to help this girl and I was like I I can’t just leave her.

And then suddenly I heard like a booming sound like a loud boom and the floor was shaking and I just thought I’m going to I’m just hiding and I dived behind a car which was next to the shop. I then decided that being behind the car wasn’t very useful so I started sliding underneath the car in order to hide myself properly.

By then the other people who hadn’t been caught were were gone. And I looked from underneath the car and I could see feet running towards the people caught in the net. And then as they came closer I saw that the figures were huge they were at least seven eight nine foot tall, and really muscular.

And then when they came even closer I saw that they actually weren’t even human. They were reptilians. The girl in the net who I’d had eye contact with was still kicking out one foot and as the reptilians got closer to her one of them shot at her and she went still.

And then one of the other reptilians shoved the one that had shot at her and said, ‘don’t kill it! We want them fresh! We want it alive, we want the fresh, don’t kill it now!’ And it was really, really angry.

And they were shoving at each other and my heart was just racing. And I was thinking Oh my God, this this is this is horrible, I don’t want to be here.

And that’s when I also noticed that the reptilians weren’t talking in english, they were talking in a language that I don’t understand in real life, but the Lindi there could actually hear every single word they were saying and also understand what they were saying.

And so the reptilians were busy arguing aggressively and shoving each other and they were huge that it was making the ground shake when they were pushing each other.

And suddenly one of the stopped and looked at the car I was hiding under and pointed at it. Now, I’m not one of these people who when I’m afraid I get like a rabbit caught in headlights and I can’t do anything.

I literally snapped out of fear in that second when it pointed and slid out from under the car and just ran, ran as fast as I could possibly run.

And to my surprise it was actually faster than I can run in this reality like Lindi it was alot faster than that, I was literally hurtling down the street like an olympic sprinter just trying to get away from these reptiles.

And strangely I knew where I was running to. This other Lindi who obviously was in this reality she knew exactly where she was going and I just ran until I got to a street where when I looked down there was like like a drop as if the street had fallen down there’d been an earthquake or something.

And I started fiddling around with my backpack and pulling out some kind of rope. And it wasn’t a normal rope it was like a really light material, and quite soft, ad I just looked down and there was some kind of edge thing, like a ledge.

And threw the rope down so that it caught on to it and tied it around my waist. And then I just jumped and then to my horror the other side of the rope hadn’t caught onto the ledge properly and I just began to free fall.

I screamed and started kicking my feet out and trying to like grab onto something, anything but obviously there was just air. And then suddenly this warm golden light suddenly came from nowhere and shone down on me and I stopped falling.

And started to slowly rise up and my heart was thudding because the Lindi in that reality knew this wasn’t a good thing. I think the reptilians had caught me.

And I was trying to flay around, trying to let go of this light, but obviously I couldn’t because you can’t let go of light. it was just slowly bringing me back up and then I just started screaming out, ‘no! no! no!’ because I was really angry that they caught me. And this golden light then began to dim.

And I was flaying around and it was getting dimmer and dimmer and smaller and smaller until finally I noticed that this golden light was actually warm and sunlight.

And the scene I was at started to fade and I noticed that I could see a curtain billowing. And I was actually back in my room lying there with the sunlight shining on my face and me just lying there with my eyes open.

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