A Troll Tried To Strangle Me! | PARANORMAL STORYTIME

Hi everyone, today’s video is a paranormal story time. On the time a troll tried to strangle me!

I Got Trapped in a Parallel Universe! | PARANORMAL STORYTIME

Hi everyone – I decided to do a paranormal storytime. It involves parallel universes, and the planet Mars. I’ll be doing more in future so I hope you enjoy!

7 Weird Writer Habits

Hi everyone, today’s video is going to be on the seven weird habits that you’ll find most writers have. So to start off with most writers have really wild, vivid imaginations. So for example, something mundane like if you’re walking down the street and you find a penny on the road, a person who’s not a writer will just pick up the penny, perhaps put it in their pocket and walk on or just ignore it.

How To Start Writing

Hi everyone! In this video I talk about the writing process and how to start writing. We all know the fear of seeing that blank page and time ticking away, especially when writing a novel. This advice applies to all types of writing. I have alot of experience in this due to my day job and also my novel writing.

Tips to Start World Building in Paranormal, Dystopian, and Fantasy fiction

Hello everyone, today’s video is on world building in paranormal, dystopian and fantasy novels.