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Hi everyone! In this video I talk about the writing process and how to start writing. We all know the fear of seeing that blank page and time ticking away, especially when writing a novel. This advice applies to all types of writing. I have alot of experience in this due to my day job and also my novel writing.

Script – what I am saying in the video verbatim

Hi everyone, today I want to talk about writing. I want to give tips that you can use when writing whether it’s a blog or a novel or writing generally. As some of you will know I work in PR in my day job, so alot of my job is writing press releases, writing articles, writing annual reports and even speeches for senior spokespeople.

So I’ve got quite alot of experience in it and there are things that I’d like to share with you that can help you if that’s the sort of thing that you want to do too.

So the first thing I’d like to say, this is in terms of novel writing, press releases, anything, the first draft will always be not that good. So don’t be afraid to just start writing, cos it’s alot easier to edit something once you’ve got something on a piece of paper.

There’s nothing scarier than just a blank piece of white paper with nothing on it. So even if you’re first paragraph, or your first draft isn’t that good, don’t let it dishearten you because you can always improve on it.

Once you’ve got something on the page, you can improve, when there’s nothing on the page obviously you can’t improve because it’s just a blank space, and Ernst Hemingway said something similar to that aswell, he said he first draft of everything is always rubbish, so remember that and he was a great writer.

The second tip I’d like to give is don’t wait for inspiration. I know lots of people who would like to write a novel, but they’re waiting for inspiration. Some of them have been waiting one year, some two years, I know someone who’s been waiting four years.

So a tip I would give is just to sit down and start writing. Alot of my inspiration, in terms of novel writing though more than press releases or annual reports and stuff like that, I just get when I’m walking, on the bus I might hear a snippet of conversation.

I always have a note book with me and I just write it down, whatever pops into mind. So there’s no point sitting around waiting and hoping that one day that big idea is going to come and you’re going to write a successful novel, once this inspiration jumps into your brain, just start writing, start writing now.

This last tip is linked to the previous one, and that is write what only you can write. Be unique. They’ll always be someone who is a better writer, there will always be someone who can tell a story better than you can, there’ll always be someone who’s smarter, so, but there’s only one you.

So make sure that when you write a story, any type of story, this is more in novel writing once again, make sure it’s something that only you can write, that only you finish that story, only you can finish that trilogy.

That way you’ll have your own voice in a way and also you’ll be alot more confident because you’re not competing with anybody else. There won’t be anybody else out there who’s written exactly the same thing as you’ve written.

So I hope that you have a happy time writing, and some how, as if by magic, you’ll develop your own voice. Because it is magic, there’s no formula to developing your own voice, it’s literally trial and error until finally you find your own voice. Okay, bye everyone!

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