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Lindie Maqhubela Lindiwe Maqhubela is a dark fantasy writer and a consultant (BA (Hons), MA, CiPR).

(Pronounced Lindi-where, Mac-a- bella, but with a click instead of a ‘c’.)

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In her own words

“I’ve always been different.

As a child I always had my head in the clouds or in a book. The more surreal the book the better. I remember the excitement of first reading ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and other fantasy stories. I loved the freakish nature of it and the vivid images that came to mind.

I wrote my first dark fantasy story at 14 in school. I was so proud of the high grade. I was one of two students at my school who excelled at english literature and language at exam time. As I got older I started to write more. I found that I loved getting lost in the world’s I created.

I was fortunate enough to get into a career where I could write all day and then one day I thought, ‘Why don’t I write dark fantasy novels in my spare time?’

And I did.

My family was more bohemian than most, my dad a leading contemporary artist, my mother a teacher, they’re both my inspiration for creation. They lived under Apartheid in South Africa, but despite the setbacks they made something of their lives. This inspires me to be creative, to make something of my life too.

Unusually and in keeping with my bohemian upbringing, I’ve lived in several countries, had many interesting jobs while studying – modeling, a newspaper reader, (yes, really, such a job exists!) a barista, and a voiceover to name a few.

I’ve met thousands of people from all over the world so I have great communications skills and know how to build lasting relationships.

Throughout my travels, through the ups and downs, books were always there, books were always my friend.”

Lindiwe’s books

Lindi is writing, editing, re-writing, editing, writing, cutting out chapters, dumping loved, but useless to the plot characters etc …….

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