The Haunting – How to get rid of a ghost v thought form entity

Hi everyone I’m Lindiwe. The Haunting – How to get rid of ghosts v thoughtform? Ghosts caught on camera? Why do ghosts haunt? How to create a thought form? How to get rid of thought form entities? What is a ghost?

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Hi everyone, this is Lindi from People all over the world believe in ghosts. There are reported cases all over the world and in different cultures of houses and even places having a heavy and eerie atmosphere that can’t be explained.

It’s also believed that if a person dies unexpectedly or in an accident or perhaps if a great injustice is done to them before they die, they will then end up being ghosts haunting that particular area that they inhabited while they were alive.

This is especially true if the person has been murdered. A strange case of a haunting is that CCTV footage at a police station of all places in Espenyola in New Mexico purportedly shows a real life ghost.

Officer Carl Romero was reviewing CCTV footage in a secured area when he states that he saw a ghostly image with legs walking across this area that is secured and not for public access.

He said that the area is alarmed so there is no way that anyone could just get in and walk across like this ghost was doing. The footage was posted on the internet and still has people puzzled as it looks like a real life ghost.

Just like in this case ghosts seem to haunt places that trauma and hardship happened in. For example in Thailand there’s a ghost called a Phi Thi Hong and its said that if someone suffered a particularly cruel death or wasn’t buried properly they turn into this type of ghost.

So it’s said that these type of ghosts haunt places like war zones and disaster areas, especially where children died unexpectedly. Shrines are usually made to try and make the ghost leave. It’s said that these ghosts will try and take over someone else’s body in order to live and get rid of any spiritual bondages it may have.

In the 14C a law was passed which said that if you murdered someone you had to keep their body in your house as punishment for a set length of time as it was hope that the person you murdereds Pi Thi Hong would get you as revenge for your crime.

Around the world it’s generally believed that ghosts are a spirit that refuses to accept that it’s dead or doesn’t know that it’s dead.

It’s also said that ghosts are attracted to negative energy, so if you’re the sort of person who has negative energy your more susceptible to be haunted by a ghost. But then a question is why are ghost haunting in the first place?

And the answer to that is for the same reason that people in real life are stuck in one place as well. For example, if you’re someone who has got suppressed emotion and you’re always fretting and you’re worried, you will get stuck in that type of energy, the same way as a ghost is stuck in the type of energy it had when it died, which may be an emotion that’s to do with trauma and being upset and also wanting some kind of resolution, but feeling as though they’re not going to find one. So it’s clear that ghosts can connect with you via your mind.

So you need to either believe in them or feel haunted or have the sort of energy that attracts them to you. This leads on quite nicely to thought forms or Tulpas. These are what people in the spiritual community say you create with your own mind.

So they can actually be positive or they can be negative, so what you think is a ghost haunting you could actually be a thought form that you created yourself.

And you create these by obsessing over a thought and also by giving emotion and energy to that thought, so it can be something positive or it can be something negative. And it’s also within your control to decide what you’re going to do with this thought form.

People can unintentionally create thought forms by for example having lots of happy thoughts and also being someone who’s positive and cheerful and when you’re around this person you’ll sense a happy atmosphere that makes you feel good automatically.

At the same time you could be around somebody else who has a really heavy, negative energy that makes you feel dragged down whenever you’re around them. The thing is with thought forms is that they’re not actually within our perceptual range, while ghosts can sometimes appear as an apparition.

It’s also said that thought forms can be created in a house like a haunting, the same as a ghost. So you might walk into a house and there’s an energy inside it that feels heavy and you might even walk into a different house and suddenly the energy is bright and light and you feel happy just being in that house.

So how people who reside in a house generally think will create the sort of atmosphere and thought forms in that house. Now the good thing is that people who believe in ghosts and thought forms say that you can easily get rid of them.

You don’t have to be suffering with a haunting if you don’t want to.

For example, it’s often said that if you want to get rid of a ghost, you need to seek professional help, usually this is in the form of some kind of religious intervention and it can also be you calling out to God to help you and also you letting go of fear and thinking in terms of love and positivity and directing it at the ghost, so that the ghost then leaves in a positive state.

If it’s a thought form it’s generally thought that you can actually recreate the thought form. So if you initially created a negative thought form, you can actually kill it with positive vibes and happiness and every time it enters your mind with it’s negativity just think positively until finally lit changes and becomes a positive thought form that actually benefits your life.

If you feel that it’s just too much for you to be positive and you feel really negative and that’s obviously why you created this negative thought form, another way to get rid of it is just be neutral.

So this means that you acknowledge the thought form, but you don’t feed it with any energy, so you’re not fearful and you’re also not thinking and engaging with it.

You will find that eventually it’s said that this thought form will disappear. Now what are my thoughts on ghosts and thought forms? I tend to be a free thinker so I don’t actually subscribe to any doctrine or any movement, my thoughts are my own.

I think that because so many people all over the world believe in ghosts I think that there’s probably a possibility that they do exist.

I personally haven’t seen a ghost and I’ve never been to a haunted house, but if so many people are saying that they see these things, perhaps there is some truth in it. Also in terms of thought forms I have been in situations where I’ve thought really negative thoughts and have felt a heavy presence around me.

And when I’ve switched this to positivity and love this heavy presence has disappeared.

So consequently I’m inclined to think that thought forms do actually exist while with ghosts I need to see more evidence, but if other people think they exist I’m not going to argue with them because I don’t have evidence to the contrary.

One thing that I do know is that there is no need for you to allow external forces or internal trauma to rule your life. You humans are more powerful than you think.

So don’t cower stand up and take the happiness that you deserve in life.

For you are loved and appreciated even if it doesn’t feel like it all the time.

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