How to be minimal : Reduce stress

Hi everyone, in this video I talk about how I’ve found that living a very simple life free from clutter and stress benefits my health and that of those around me. I also give tips on how you can do this too. Enjoy! 🙂


Hi everyone, today I’m going to give you tips on how to live a minimalistic life with reduced stress. Now minimalism isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s also about how you choose to live your life and also what you choose to do. For example, I live a simple minimalistic life.

I choose to do this by being very careful as to what I spend my time doing and who I spend my time with as well as how I live my life.

For example, I make sure that I don’t have complications that are going to leave me anxious and stressed, such as having debt or doing things that I really don’t need to do, but which I feel other people feel I should be doing.

I just do things that need to be done and that keep me happy and my life less complicated. And also I make sure that the people around me are happy as well I make sure that I’m not adding unnecessary complications and stress to their lives and also that they’re not doing the same to me.

There are no rules as to what a minimalistic life looks like. So to you it could be de-cluttering your home, it could be throwing away clothes that you don’t wear, or it also could be cleaning up your diet.

It just depends on you and what you think minimalism means to you. If you want a minimalistic stress free life I would suggest that the first thing you can do is start by de-cluttering your home.

So this is where you spend alot of your time, make sure that in your house are the things that you love and which give you joy and if you live with other people things that also they love and give them joy.

Don”t just have things hanging around in rooms, just cluttering up space and ruining the ambience for you. Second think about what you want out of life and make sure that you’re spending time working towards it.

Filter out anything that doesn’t serve you any more or that your not serving any useful purpose for, this of course could mean filtering out toxic relationships or jobs which are affecting your health in an adverse way.

Just because you’ve known someone for a long time doesn’t mean that they should be in your life forever. We do all sometimes outgrow people that we’ve known for years.

Same with a job, just because you’ve been with the same company or with the same people at that company doesn’t mean you need to stay there forever.

If it’s beginning to make you feel unhappy or you feel that there’s nothing being gained out of this situation, then minimalise your life Just leave and do something else. But of course make sure that you’ve found another job before you leave your current one.

A good way to minimalise your life is to make sure that you’re not spending money buying stuff that’s going to clutter your house, stuff that you don’t need.

Not only will it clutter your house and your life, it will also make you perhaps be in debt and once you’re in debt your life won’t be simple, it won’t be clam because you’ll be having sleepless nights thinking about how you’re going to pay back this debt for things that you bought that you don’t need.

So make sure that you’re saving rather than spending money for no particular reason.

And the last thing which I’m going to suggest which I do and which has helped me to live a minimalist stress free, happy life is to make sure that each day you’re doing at least one thing that you really, really enjoy.

Now that could be anything from having a nice walk out in nature in the park, perhaps with a good friend or family member or it can be reading a good book, anything that you really enjoy that’s simple, relaxing and doesn’t cost you or anybody else anything.

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